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Antonia White, The Lost Traveller.

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VMC paperback, first edition She and others in the Lamorna sub-group, including her husband Ernest, did some of the decorative paintings in St Hilary Church near Penzance, where Bernard Walke had been parish priest: see my post on his memoir HERE. This sequel is very different.

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The style is more sophisticated, too, in keeping with the more mature Nanda: in The Lost Traveller her story continues from her leaving the convent to the age of seventeen. This first of three sequels to FiM took seventeen years to appear. Nanda has had a name change: she is now Clara Batchelor, and the names of the schools have also changed.

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Maybe this was to indicate that the novel is less autobiographical than FiM. This also might for its less satisfactory impact. Her father is decidedly unpleasant: a doctrinaire pedagogue with some unsavoury sexual inclinations. This manifests itself in particular with serial flirting โ€” an indulgence that le her into dangerous territory.

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Here too they represent the most interesting and original aspect of the narrative. WWI takes its toll on the young and their families, and there are hints of the terrible fate of European Jewish people a few years in the future. There are some delightful portraits of her family in rural Sussex, where she and her parents spend their summer holidays.

Her eccentric, warm-hearted maiden aunts love having the visitors, and Clara enjoys their affectionate hospitality, and walking in the picturesque downs. Why this title? Truran, Mount Hawke, Cornwall, paperback, First published In discussing some related topics, the life of Fr Bernard Walke came up. His Anglo-Catholic faith is apparent, and he has that rare ability to make it seem natural and attractive.

Each chapter is packed with incident and experience. In the opening chapter he relates a typically endearing anecdote of the stray cat that adopted him and would trot after him to church when he celebrated mass. One day she was taken with the sparkling sequins decorating the mantle of a grande dame of the village in the front pew. One phrase stood out for him:. Fr Walke arrived at St Hilary in His first impression of the village, just outside Penzance in rural west Cornwall, was not favourable.

The church had been unsympathetically rebuilt in Victorian times, the landscape St Hilary sex cite com rather bleak, and the village was blighted by what he thought rather ugly villas. In his twenty years as vicar there, however, he became much loved by his parishioners and locals. There was hostility throughout that time from some to his catholic rites and adornments to the church, culminating in a violent incursion by Protestant activists near the end of his time there โ€” an attack that almost broke his spirit and his already faltering health.

He began the memoir while being treated for TB in a sanatorium at Tehidy, then later in Gran Canaria when his health again deteriorated.

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The memoir is dominated by his deep reverence for and love of nature: birds, trees, plants and animals are frequently befriended or described. One had a habit when off duty of taking to the fields and causing mayhem, such as leading local horses into bad habits.

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Many of this famous group populate the s, and several of them contributed artworks to decorate the church: Harold and Laura Knight, Dod and Ernest Procter. Roger Fry did a reredos. In St Hilary this was largely the pre-mechanised agricultural workers.

He is perhaps best known for the Christmas plays that he wrote and had performed in the church by the parishioners. A BBC friend persuaded him to have some of these broadcast on radio โ€” the first ever outside broadcasts in the mids, continuing into the thirties. The chapters set during that terrible war are particularly poignant. Fr Walke was a committed pacifist, and the already simmering hostility to his catholic tendencies was heated even further by his anti-war stance.

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But I enjoyed it immensely; the author has a delightfully self-deprecating style, and his love of humanity is uplifting.

St Hilary sex cite com

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