Im so sick of people tryin Omaha Nebraska me

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Click on the links below to meet some of our past and present international students. Eftiona came to UNO from Erseke, Albania, in to study Bioinformatics, an emerging field that combines computer science and biology. After completing her studies, she wants to fulfill her dream of becoming a pediatrician and helping to heal people.

Here's what Eftiona says about UNO:. It was a hard decision for me to choose between medical school and computer science because I enjoyed both. I was attracted by the program's multi-disciplinary approach across subjects that I enjoy -- mathematics, biology, chemistry -- and I like how computer science ties them all together.

Also there are few universities in the United States that offer Bioinformatics at the undergraduate level. Moving from a small country and a small school to a big school like UNO can be scary and frustrating at times, but I love how everyone is so friendly and welcoming here in Omaha and on campus. Everyone is willing to help any time you need assistance. Omaha is a home away from home, or better said: Omaha is my Homaha! But whenever I have some free time, I like to watch movies, go for walks, bike, rock climb, cook, or Skype with family and friends back home.

I love to travel, and I am trying to visit as many places as I can in the United States. Being chosen as a Scott Scholar recipient as well as for the Emerging Leaders program was a great honor for me and an experience that I will never forget.

It is so encouraging to see that your hard work is appreciated and noticed and honored. It is a once-in-a-lifetime event and an experience that I will cherish for years to come. My first advice is to take plenty of time to study your potential choices.

Geographic location of a school, its size, the degree programs it offers, the academic standards, and the total cost of the education are good factors to keep in mind. So choose a university that best fits you. Usually smaller colleges have a more protected environment and class sizes are smaller. This helps in the ratio of students to faculty, which is helpful in educational and cultural terms.

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Integration into student life is also easier at a smaller college. I wouldn't change UNO for any other school! She has also attended Huizhou University in Huizhou City. After completing her English Education bachelor's degree, she plans to stay at UNO and earn a master's degree in either English or Education.

She doesn't know exactly what career path she will choose in the future, but she loves the English language and aspires to teach or use her English skills in another way. Here's what Yunsi says about UNO:. My major helps me learn English well and teach others about it. I love English. I will NOT get tired even though I need to speak it for a whole day! Since I am learning this language, I have been looking forward to further educate myself in English-speaking countries.

Studying abroad has been my dream since I was in high school. When I learned that there is an exchange program between Huizhou University and UNO, and I heard some of my friends who came to UNO say that it is a really good place to study, I chose it without a second thought! And I chose right! I really appreciate the Midwest friendliness! I enjoy studying at UNO, which is well equipped for international students.

Library, computer labs, writing center and speaking center, and helpful advisors, professors and awesome classmates -- they all keep me studying day after day without getting tired of it. As a student at UNO, I can feel the encouragement every place and every moment. Life at UNO is exactly the life I would like to pursue. Comfortable living conditions, peaceful parks, nice people, warm smiles, and the delicious steak — these are the important reasons why I want to come back! I would say I have two homes. One is in China and the other is Omaha! As an English learner, it takes me more time to finish my asments than my fellow classmates, so I spend a lot of time on my studies.

But it is OK for me because I like reading, writing, and communicating with people. I also love to take part in school activities and be involved. I am keen on hanging out with friends and playing badminton or bowling. In my spare time at home, I enjoy cooking and video-chatting with my family and friends in China. The first thing I will suggest is to know the difference between majors in your home country and the United States. Only when the school can provide subjects you are interested in will it be the right place to go, because interest is the best teacher.

After graduating, she wants a career that combines her love for both teaching and traveling. Here's what Claudia says about UNO:. My mother and her siblings attended UNO and recommended it to me. UNO seemed a really good place to study from the beginning, focused on academics and student development. My brother and I came here together in UNO is a great university with wonderful staff and faculty. People are nice and always happy to help students. The campus is like my second home and I spend a lot of time there during the school semester.

UNO also provides support to students and organizes on-campus events that promote interaction and fun activities among students. People from Omaha have a very neutral accent, which is easy to understand especially for foreigners. Omaha is also not very expensive and offers different cultural spots, such as museums, theaters, etc.

What I love most about Omaha is the Old Market. I find it a very attractive place, rich in culture, arts and entertainment. Shopping, yoga, reading novels, language books, fashion or beauty magazineslistening to music, Zumba, hanging out with friends, babysitting.

I consider myself lucky to be here with my brother, as we share our experiences and help each other in everyday life. My brother and I are very close so this facilitates our experience as both students and siblings. Ask for suggestions from your friends or people you know who study or have studied in an American university.

After completing his master's degree, he plans to become an investment manager. Here's what Manas says Im so sick of people tryin Omaha Nebraska me UNO:. Finances were the biggest concern when I thought of pursuing higher education in the United States. I was looking for an institution that delivered value, was affordable, and had a great MBA program at the same time.

My concerns were addressed by my brother, who was pursuing his master's degree in Management Information Systems at UNO. He gave me invaluable feedback regarding the superior quality of education here. The fantastic facilities on campus, a great MBA program, helpful and supportive faculty and staff were some other factors in my decision.

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UNO is an extremely diverse institution with a great culture. People from different cultural, geographic, and socioeconomic backgrounds come together and are encouraged to be themselves. This spirit of diversity and inclusion is apparent in every facet of the institution and a typical student's college life. Another factor that makes UNO great is the city itself! Omaha is often referred to as the best kept secret of the Midwest -- and it is!

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The first impression that I had of the city, coming from New Delhi, was that it was too small. I thought I had made a mistake coming here, that this city might not have much to offer and that I should get out as quickly as possible. I could not have been more wrong. As a result, there are ample internship and job opportunities for UNO students. I enjoy meeting people from diverse backgrounds and discussing their views and opinions on a topic of common interest.

I also enjoy playing tennis, reading, and watching movies. How did you feel when you got the award?

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What does it mean to you? It was a great feeling! Winning the award for our e-learning startup -- STEM-Direct -- gave our venture a lot of credibility. We also won second place in the Maverick business plan competition, and that further cemented our faith in our idea. Awards and recognition for one's contribution to the community always make you feel good.

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It keeps you motivated to go on. I was deeply humbled by these honors. Choose UNO! This is a great place to be. But even if you want to look around to weigh your options, please do a cost-benefit analysis to understand the value that the educational institution you choose has to offer. Education is an investment, and we need to understand the long-term return on that investment. Being at UNO gave me the opportunity to pursue a career of my choice and graduate free of any debt at the same time. After earning an MBA at UNO, she plans to pursue a leadership position at a company involved in information technology, marketing, or international business.

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He talked very highly about this institution and its culture. Also, UNO provides affordable high quality programs. I love the hospitality of UNO students and staff. The student diversity in nationality, ethnicity and age gave me new perspectives. The UNO professors are very talented — they helped me develop critical thinking skills and utilize leadership and team-building competencies to address real-world challenges.

The MBA Director is accessible, responsive and knowledgeable - she became my mentor and I always seek her advice. As for the International Student Office, they will make sure international students get easily integrated and have always someone to count on.

I like Omaha not Im so sick of people tryin Omaha Nebraska me due to its friendly and helpful community, but because it is an animated city that fosters a healthy business environment with plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurism. The city provides a lot of entertainment for every age and personality - concerts, festivals, shows, plays, educational conferences, and fun events. You do not really get bored around here, unless you choose to. I am mainly passionate about painting, crafting, arts in general, and IT.

When the weather permits, I love biking and taking long walks. Reading, going to the cinema, and spending time with my family and friends are my favorite weekend pastimes. I am responsible to participate in meetings, and provide general information about the European Union and the E. The GTKE team is very engaging, friendly, and offered me exceptional opportunities to meet and discuss with E.

I absolutely love their passion of getting involved with the Nebraska community and spreading the knowledge about the European Union and its relations with the United States. International students who are seeking to study in the U. Also, they should pick a region with a climate they can tolerate or adjust to. I believe the living costs are very important, so they should not only check tuition rates, but rent quotes and transportation costs as well. Last but not least, international students should always seek for help from their advisors and professors when they are confronting difficult situations.

He went on to earn a bachelor's degree in Marketing with a minor in Management in He then earned a master's degree in International Economics in December He plans to work in international finance. Here's what Ali says about UNO:. I like UNO's open environment, where everyone is free to laugh, talk, and build relationships with other students, especially on campus. I like the unlimited activities that UNO and the ILUNO program provide to international students to get them more involved with all different kinds cultures, sports, and businesses.

I like the advising staff; they give you the feeling that no matter what, they will be there for you. It's hard to tell what I like the most about Omaha. Simply, I like Omaha's social environment; it gives me the comfortable feeling that I am always welcome no matter who am I and where I come from. I felt home as soon as I stepped out of the airplane. Economically, Omaha has a low cost living, which is an important factor that all international students are concerned about.

Im so sick of people tryin Omaha Nebraska me

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