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When applying to a host position at a restaurant, you want to ensure you make a great impression during the job interview. This role requires excellent interpersonal and communication skills, which you can demonstrate during your interview by preparing responses to common questions.

Knowing the types of questions to expect can also help you feel more confident during your conversation. In this article, we provide 40 restaurant host interview questions, along with some sample answers to help you prepare for your job interview. Interviews will ask general questions to learn about you as a professional and your interest in the role:.

The interviewer will ask questions to gauge your experience working as a host or in the hospitality industry:. These questions allow you to discuss how you have ly solved problems in the workplace or how you would solve problems you might face as a host or hostess:.

Below are some frequently asked interview questions for host and hostessing positions, along with guidance on how to answer them. You can use these to practice your responses for interviews:. The interviewer asks a question like this to determine your interest in the position. They also want to assess how you fit into their workplace culture. When answering, make sure to include aspects from the job description to demonstrate that you understand the role and the restaurant's expectations for the host position. Include details about what makes you passionate about this job to showcase how you would add value as an employee.

Example: "I have worked as a hostess at similar restaurants for the past few years, and what I enjoy most is the chance to meet new people and work in a fast-paced environment.

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Those aspects of the job make me excited to come to work every day. I consider myself to have great organizational and communication abilities, so I love having the chance to use them as a hostess to manage a variety of reservations, customers and other tasks. As a hostess, I understand that I hold a crucial position within the restaurant. As the first person customers meet, I must create a welcoming environment that sets the rest of their visit up for success. I enjoy taking the time to You host now i do anything want to know customers and satisfy their needs to ensure they have a great time.

Hospitality generally refers to receiving and treating customers or guests in a friendly manner. The interviewer wants to see that you uphold this value and aim to bring it to work every day. Your answer should not only express your commitment to providing superior service but also demonstrate how you hope to exceed their customers' expectations. Example: "To me, hospitality is the ability to create an excellent customer service experience by treating guests in a friendly and empathetic manner.

I greet every customer with a smile and try to make small talk whenever possible. I also try to take notice of small details to try to solve problems proactively. For example, I might try and grab an extra seat if I notice their party needs one while waiting for a table. By making these personal connections, I hope to provide them a memorable experience that makes them want to return. Related: Hospitality Skills: Definitions and Examples. When working in a busy restaurant, you likely will encounter customers who are dissatisfied with the wait time at some point. The interviewer will ask you a question about handling difficult or unhappy customers to assess how you manage these interactions and handle conflict.

In your answer, demonstrate the steps you would take to try to improve the customers' mood and satisfaction. Also, try to highlight the importance of ensuring customers' happiness. Example: "I would first apologize to them and try to give them a new estimated time on when they will be seated.

To demonstrate that I understand the issue and am working to resolve it, I would provide updates on seating as often as I receive them. In the past, I have offered customers menus while they wait to keep them occupied and help speed up the ordering process once they sit down. If I notice the customer is very frustrated, or they threaten to leave, I would ask my manager whether we can provide them a complimentary item or do anything else to satisfy them.

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I want to show our customers that we value their visit and want them to return, so I try to do as much as possible to ensure they have a good time despite the wait. In this role, you often need to handle multiple tasks at once while also ensuring to provide excellent customer service. The interviewer wants to determine whether you can manage and prioritize tasks effectively.

Your answer should show these abilities while also demonstrating how you value face-to-face interactions versus over-the-phone interactions. Try to align your priorities with those of the restaurant. Example: "In this situation, I would first greet the guest entering the restaurant and then ask them to excuse me as I answer the phone.

I would then greet the customer on the phone and ask if they would please hold for a minute. Then I turn my attention to our in-person customers and help them as quickly as I can so that I do not leave the call-in customer waiting for too long. I value all of our customers, but want to ensure the in-person guests feel settled before handling the needs of the call-in customer. Indeed Home. Find jobs. Company reviews. Find salaries. in. General questions. Tell me about yourself.

Tell me about some of your hobbies. Why did you leave your last job? What do you believe are your strengths and weaknesses? How would your employers or colleagues describe you? What do you know about our restaurant? Why do you want to work for our restaurant?

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What do you enjoy most about the hospitality industry? What do you enjoy most about being a host? What hours can you work? What do you expect your day-to-day responsibilities to be if we hire you? How well do you work with others?

Why should I hire you for this position? Questions about experience and background. How much experience do you have as a host? What did you enjoy most about your jobs? What did you enjoy least? Tell me about your most recent job. What were your primary responsibilities?

Do you have experience working long shifts? Are you comfortable working on your feet for ificant amounts of time? What type of restaurants have you worked for ly? What skills do you believe are essential for a host or hostess?

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How do you feel about working in a fast-paced environment? How do you ensure customers are comfortable when waiting to be seated? Describe your knowledge of front-of-house operations. Tell me about your multi-tasking abilities.

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How do you handle criticism? What would you do in this role to ensure customers return to our restaurant? In-depth questions. Tell me about a time you had a conflict with a coworker or supervisor and how you resolved it. Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an angry or unhappy customer.

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Describe the best customer service you have personally experienced. What did you enjoy about it, and how do you try to apply that experience to your work? Describe a time when you made a mistake as a host or hostess. How did you resolve it, or what did you learn from the experience? How would you handle a situation where a customer asks to be seated immediately despite an hour-long wait? Describe a time when you exceeded a customer's expectations.

You host now i do anything want

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40 Restaurant Host Interview Questions (With Example Answers)