French lessons need asap

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Learn French in 2 weeks. Fast French learning Method. Effortless French Learning. If you search the web, the answer is unanimous : it takes about to hours of class time to become conversant in French. I went to live in Spain for four months when I was in my twenties.

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I was top of my class, supposedly achieved a C1 level. Even aced the official test. It meant I was really prepared for that school testI knew Spanish grammar and verbs really well. But speaking in everyday life and understanding what people said was another story! All audio-based with full explanations. Completely free, no up required. However, most of us cannot just watch a technical video of how French lessons need asap run, or read a list of tips on how to become a good runner, and just go ahead and run 5 miles.

Maybe a sports coach upon watching you run, testing you, may be able to tell you how long it would take you — personally — to train before you are able to run 5 miles easily. Learning French is no different. Do you think all the French students are the same? A new approach to learning both traditional and modern French logically structured for English speakers. I actually had a student who learned French in three months. How did this student do it?

And it was brilliant! It was like he had large French flashcards in his brain, and had made connections between subjects that were likely to be used together. Like clothes vocabulary and colors for example. He also did a ton of repetitions. He basically fully memorized the dialogues my French audiobooksand then had fun reproducing the dialogues but changing things around, like switching it to the past, or affirmative sentences into the negative…. He mostly wanted to learn French to speak French.

So we concentrated our studies on reading out-loud and doing conversations.

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At first he was slow. Right though, amazingly so, never forgetting a new word, but taking a bit of time to access it, to build his sentences. Hesitating about pronunciation, especially liaisons.

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After two month, his level just took off: everything sort of came together for him: French had become like a code, and he had broken it. It was logical.

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A super-human brain, really! But they arrive in class and have pretty much memorized the whole thing. I once asked one of my Chinese student how long she spent doing her French homework one lesson per week. Back to the regular student. A good idea French lessons need asap be able to communicate in French faster is to memorize useful sentences by heart.

Prioritise what you are going to actually use in everyday conversation. It may be so. But would you be able to remember all these words after… a week? Let along be able to use them in a conversation, nor deduct by yourself the grammar constructions that rules the sentences. So, before spending hours memorising the French subjunctiveask yourself how high this is in your French priorities… It may be a fun intellectual challenge, but is it essential to communicate in French? A structured approach, which starts from the beginning and slowly but surely builds up on a strong and solid basis.

It takes years of expertise to become a good French teacher, and a vision to become a French method writer. After spending time testing your level of French and seeing how you learn French, an experienced French teacher may be able to tell you how long it will take you to reach the next level.

But more importantly, they will tell you what you need to study, what you should concentrate on, and the best way for you to learn French efficiently.

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Let me warn you though there is no loophole — no secret magic pass. Just sound advice on how to direct your French studies. Based on my students' goals and needs, I've created unique downloadable French audiobooks focussing on French like it's spoken today, for all levels.

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Most of my audiobooks are recorded at several speeds to help you conquer the modern French language. Good luck with your studies and remember, repetition is the key! More Articles from Camille Chevalier-Karfis. I publish posts every week. Want to keep up to date with the new content? The French everybody speaks in France today is NOT the overly enunciated, extremely formal French usually taught to foreigners. Free Phrasebook. How To Learn French.

By Camille Chevalier-Karfis. Updated: Jun 9, It takes about to hours to become conversant in French. Cambridge Press released a paper on language acquisition. It says it takes to hours of French study time to reach a high intermediate level. Copyright - French Today

French lessons need asap

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