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Grace lost her parents and was placed in an orphanage. She hopped from house to house and got adopted.

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Her adoptive parents died as well. When she was little, she got kidnapped by Markova into prostitution ring and wasn't freed until she was She noticed Anissa on the floor reading.

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Anissa asked if she was in the way, but Grace said she wasn't. Grace asked what she was reading. Anissa told her she was researching genetic mutation which prompted Grace to ask whom it was for. Anissa said that it wasn't for anybody and that she hoped it's not because of someone being sick. After they introduced each other, Grace went back to putting books on the shelf.

She noticed Anissa staring at The Outsiders comic book in her back pocket. She told Anissa what the comic was about. When Anissa said that she did like the costumes of the characters, Grace invited her to a cosplay party on Friday at her job.

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Friday night, at the bar, she and Anissa were dancing on the floor until Chenoa interrupted them. Chenoa called Grace an Asian which offended her and told Chenoa to watch it. When Chenoa insulted Anissa, Grace intervened before Anissa could retaliate. Grace told them to take their altercation outside. Later on, Grace was bar tending and asked Anissa if everything went okay between her and gave her condolences after hearing they ended their relationship.

Grace is a young woman in her twenties most likely Asian decent. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Grace has displayed an eye color change from brown to yellow and leaf-shaped tattoos crawling throughout her skin. She often hydrates and takes some schizophrenia pills to surpress this and keep it all contained.

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Universal Conquest Wiki. Allies Anissa Pierce - Love Interest. Enemies Chenoa. LaWanda: The Book of Hope. LaWanda: The Book of Burial. Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder. Equinox: The Book of Fate. The Book of Revelations. The Book of Little Black Lies. Sins of the Father: The Book of Redemption. Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion.

Freeland girl for this black pipe

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