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Please note it may take more than one business day to respond to your request. Our Massage Therapists work closely with our physical therapists to help you receive the best care possible. TCO provides massage therapy at our Eden Prairie location. Massage is a great health care complement for those in recovery, rehabilitation or with muscle tension or soreness.

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Massage after a procedure or injury is beneficial and important in the recovery process. Massage Therapy increases circulation which helps pump more oxygen and nutrients into the tissue for quicker recovery time.

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Massage also helps relax muscles, leading to a decrease in pain intensity. The American College of Physicians recommends Massage Therapy as a regular treatment option in people suffering from low back pain, one of the leading causes people seek medical attention.

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Recently highlighted by the Summer Olympics, more and more athletes are seeking Massage Therapy as a way to complement their training regime. Regular Massage Therapy has been shown to increase range of motion, decrease muscle stiffness and fatigue after exercise, improve exercise performance and decrease delayed onset muscles soreness among other things in athletes competing at various levels. Low back pain and athletic performance are only two areas of many that Massage Therapy can benefit, including chronic injuries and illnesses.

For more information and research on the benefits of Massage Therapy, check out the American Massage Therapy Association website amtamassage.

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To schedule your Massage Therapy appointment. Anderson, MD Kurt D. Anderson, MD Scott D. Anseth, MD Zachary P. Arntson, DO Andrew F. Arthur, MD Jonathan P. Asp, MD Adam J. Bakker, MD Garry M. Banks, MD Jason A. Barry, MD Paul C. Biewen, MD Brian P. Bjerke, MD Matthew S. Butterfield, MD Paul M. Cammack, MD Thomas City sports in massage Columbia. Cesarz, MD Glenn W. Ciegler, MD, Ph. Cole, MD Thomas K. Comfort, MD Thomas N. Conner, MD Jonathan M. Cooper, DO Paul J. Crowe, MD Rick A.

Davis, MD Eric M. Deal, MD Bryan D. Dick, MD Paul R. Diekmann, MD Jason P. Duncan, MD Patrick B. Ebeling, MD David R. Edwards, MD Jason L. Engasser, MD David C. Fey, MD Mark D. Fischer, MD David J. Harris, MD David E. Heikes, MD Ryan W. Hess, MD Ryan J. Hoel, MD Jason S. Holm, MD Peter D. Holmberg, MD Nicholas N.

Holmes, MD David C. Holte, MD Scott M. Holthusen, MD Ryan D. Horazdovsky, MD Allan F. Hunt, MD Neil R. Johnson, MD Michael H. Johnson, MD Ryan R. Karlstad, MD Edward W. Kirksson, MD Robert V. Knowlan, MD Laura D. Koch, MD Jay F. Kruse, MD Paul M. Lafferty, MD Paul R. Larson, MD Gregory N. Lervick, MD Randall A. Lewis, MD Jeffrey J. Mair, DO Daniel J. Marek, MD Clare K. Meisterling, MD Steven W. Meisterling, MD Steven D. Meletiou, MD Christopher P.

Meyer, MD Nicholas J. Meyer, MD Marcus J. Mittelsteadt, MD Amy T. Moeller, MD Steven A. Moen, MD Brad R. Nemanich, MD Joseph P. Nemanich, MD Frank B. Norberg, MD Randall J. Norgard, MD Patrick F. Ockuly, DO Stephen L.

Olmsted, MD David E. Riggi, MD Maria C. Ryan, MD Gary R. Sager, MD Peter C. Sanders, MD Andrea M. Saterbak, MD Jeffrey D. Seybold, MD John E. Szalapski, MD John C. Tanner, MD Joseph T. Teynor, MD Troy A. Vorlicky, MD Nathan R. Wanderman, MD Nicholas G. Weiss, MD Erik M. Wetter, MD Jennifer H. Wood, MD Corey A. Wulf, MD Nicole M.

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Massage Therapy. Home ยป Massage Therapy. Decrease muscle stiffness and fatigue after exercise Improve exercise performance Decrease delayed onset muscle soreness Be the most efficient intervention for maintaining maximal performance time in subsequent exercise tests when combined with active recovery from maximal exercise Reduce serum creatine kinase post exercise Reduce swelling Reduce breathing pattern disorders Enhance athletic performance May help prevent injuries when massage is received regularly.

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