Find a gay friend in waco tx

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Both Grindr and Tinder suck when it comes to Waco. Well I had a meet me. I'm not gay but I got people everyday offering to blow me or some shit.

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Not my forte but for you I would start there. Happy hunting. Connect used to be a good place But most of the gay guys read: Baylor dudes frequent Austin or Dallas bars. Dating and friends I would say to just use Grindr or tinder to make friends and then move through the network. You can also go to bars in Austin or Dallas my favorite is the Iron Bear in Austin This is, assuming you are ok with most gay friends or a possible date being a little drive away.

For hook ups your best bet is either a hook up app, or to go to a bar and see if you can go no,e with someone that night Enough to have a noticeable population, but not enough to have a welcoming community. Also - connect sucked. I went twice and I have never felt less welcomed.

The drag shows were pretty funny tho.

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The hostess always cracked me up. However, even when connect was open I would vouch for driving 2 hours to Austin or Dallas. Is that an app? Continue this thread. Oh hon.

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Connect off 19th Street. More posts from the Waco community.

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Find a gay friend in waco tx

email: [email protected] - phone:(717) 239-5879 x 7429

What’s the best way to meet other gay guys in Waco?