Older man for older woman 60

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If you were brought up in the 60s and 70s, chances are you were trained to be a strong, independent woman. You thought that anything a man could do, you could probably do even better. You proudly took on this masculine energy doing everything you needed to do to get ahead in your career. Yet when it came to love and men, chances are you found yourself struggling. Men might have told you that you were controlling or demanding.

It might have seemed that all men wanted were younger women who fluttered their eyelashes and got their needs met quickly and easily.

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Something men might not have done for you. This left you at home angry and alone on yet another Saturday night. Most men do want to be in a relationship with women closer to their age.

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This is because they share a common history with each other. You see, men want to be your hero. They want to make you happy and will do anything within their power to make that happen for you. As women, our DNA coding is one of community. She will do anything that helps the community be a better place.

A man hears this phrase and thinks you are telling him what to do just like his mom did when he was young.

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Making a man your hero is the secret to getting his cooperation easily. These two phrases will bring out the hero response in a man. They work very well when you need him to do something for you. Try this. It will make a huge difference with the men in your life. Men feel underappreciated so thanking them and telling them how much you appreciate what they did for you goes a long way in getting the cooperation of all the men in your life.

Are you back in the dating game and finding it difficult to navigate as a woman over 60? Even prepared with the best advice about men and how to communicate with them, it may seem like a challenging thing to do. Finding love after 60 is possible! Have you used either of the suggested phrases when trying to get the attention of an older man? Are there any other tips you can share that might be valuable to a woman who is having problems communicating with a man?

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Older man for older woman 60

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