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Changes at Midlife. Sexual Problems at Midlife. Causes of Sexual Problems. Effective Treatments for Sexual Problems. Frequently Asked Questions. Give Us YourFeedback. Hot flashes are one of the hallmarks of perimenopause. They involve temporary but recurring episodes of flushing with a sensation of warmth or heat on the upper body and face. Some hot flashes are easily tolerated, others are annoying or embarrassing, and others can be debilitating.

Menopause-related hot flashes typically follow a consistent pattern unique to each woman. Their frequency usually increases during perimenopause, peaks during the first 2 years of postmenopause, and then declines over time. Most women experience hot flashes for 6 months to 2 years, although some studies suggest that the average period is as long as 3 to 5 years. In some women, hot flashes linger for 10 years or more, and older women are known to have occasional hot flashes. Women who experience abrupt menopause when their ovaries are surgically removed often suffer severe hot flashes that start right after surgery and typically last longer than those in women who undergo natural menopause.

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Hot flashes often occur during sleep, producing intense perspiration known as night sweats. Studies have shown that severe hot flashes can be negatively associated with sexual activity. Hot flashes can contribute to sexual problems in any of ways:. Hope for hot flashes. These treatments include lifestyle changes, nonprescription remedies, hormone therapy with estrogen plus progestogen, or estrogen alone for women without a uterusand nonhormonal prescription drugs. However, only hormone therapy and Brisdelle, an antidepressant, have received government approval in North America for treating hot flashes.

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Older women having hot sex online

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What to Know About Hot Flashes After 60 Years Old