Wantin to hook yp

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So, you've started hooking up with someone new. Maybe you already know that you just want to hook up with them and not take the relationship to the next level — and that's totally fine, as long as they're on board.

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You're not doing anything wrong by seeking out a hookup, when the other person wants that too. Hookups are a lot of fun that's literally why we have reality TV, I think. However, you may be wondering how to make it clear you only want to hook up one method that's not effective is subtweeting, because this is "unclear" and "not everyone re my tweets," apparently. To get advice that's actually helpful, I spoke to a of relationship experts. If you're just looking to just hook up with someone, honesty is critical.

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Directness can ease the conversation and avoid hurt feelings down the line. Stating your feelings can help you avoid a hurtful situation. You don't need to make it about them — it's totally fine to say that you specifically aren't looking for a relationship. There's no reason to make them feel like it's their fault — everyone is looking for something different out of a relationship, so just express your own personal desires. There's still no guarantee that they won't be Wantin to hook yp, but if you don't blame them for your feelings, then you're more likely to avoid offending them.

Even though it might be a tough conversation, it can actually be more considerate of someone's feelings to let them know early on that you're just looking to hook up. You're not being unkind by telling someone you don't want a relationship — you're actually being kinder by being open about this. Brown says. If someone is looking for a relationship, there are many better ways to spend their time then with someone who just wants a hookup, such as dating people who also want a relationship or watching Real Housewives. It can be hard to tell someone you don't want a relationship, but ultimately, it's much more considerate to tell them what you're looking for in the beginning so you don't waste their time if it's not what they want as well.

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To make clear that you only want to hook up, it can be helpful to avoid behaving as you would in a relationship. If you know that taking trips together or meeting each other's parents in the future isn't something you'd want, then it's safer to not suggest to them that it is.

This way, you avoid leading them on and enable you to both enjoy hooking up without one of you having the wrong idea of where it's going. If you're not sure you've made it clear that you just want to hook up, there are a few ways to know that your partner is on the same as you.

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Are they inferring a deeper level of commitment than you intended? For example, if they say they want to move in together, don't just agree because you want lower rent I learned from experience. By paying attention to them and their als, you can figure out if they are on the same as you about the hookup. There's nothing wrong with just wanting to hook up, as long as all parties involved are on the same. To make clear that a sexual interaction is just a casual thing and not intended to DTR, be upfront from the beginning that that's what you're looking for.

And once you do, you can enjoy the hookup! By Ginny Hogan. Search Close.

Wantin to hook yp

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How To Make It Clear You Only Want To Hook Up, Because Honesty Is Everything