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Advertise About Contact Subscribe. Inside Higher Ed's News. Coronavirus Live Updates - July 6, Earlier News. John Boehner told a group of college presidents Tuesday that members of Congress are tired of hearing from constituents who can't figure out why their children can't transfer credit from one institution to another. He said that both of his daughters were "caught up" in the issue, thinking that they were taking courses that would transfer -- only to find out that wasn't the case.

Summers Faces a Faculty Storm. Harvard's president hears a barrage of criticism from angry professors. While many colleges go dry, Colby is letting students enjoy wine and beer -- in moderation -- in campus dining halls. Lifeline for Grad Students. On Monday, the founders of the hotline announced that they had turned it over to another group.

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While about 50 universities have publicized the service, many others have declined to do so because it was created by a religious organization, the Campus Crusade for Christ. The hotline organizers decided it would be best to find a secular home for the hotline, so it could reach more people.

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Put a bunch of college officials in a room the week after the release of the federal budget proposal, and it's not hard to tell what it contained. Lots of money, lots of smiles O. With a budget like last week's -- full of hundreds of millions of dollars in proposed cuts to programs that colleges hold dear -- the mood is one of uncertainty and frustration.

Margaret Spellings gave her first address to a college audience Monday, telling college presidents that they should work to provide better information about their institutions, and that they should back President Bush's budget plans. We asked some of our favorite poetry professors -- many of them poets themselves -- for verses of love academics might want to recite for their Valentines. We hope some of their ideas may inspire.

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Call for a New 'Social Compact'. Colleges need to accept that the "social compact" between higher education and government that led to a century of growth for American higher education is dead and will not return, Larry R. Faulkner said Sunday.

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Faulkner, president of the University of Texas at Austin, delivered that message to hundreds of college presidents gathered in Washington for the annual meeting of the American Council on Education. Bemoaning the death of the compact is not of itself earth-shattering -- academics have been complaining along those lines for some time.

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Reation at Hamilton. The professor who le the center that invited Ward Churchill quits her administrative post.

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Scrutiny on Sexual Harassment. A pair of sexual harassment claims against professors at Western Oregon University has drawn the attention of the state's top official. Shot in the Arm for Campus Health. A federal panel recommends meningitis vaccination for all college freshmen who live in dorms.

If a report issued Thursday gains momentum, the tenure clock -- and many other things about faculty career paths -- could see ificant changes. The American Council on Education released the report, which attacks what David Ward, president of the council, called the "rigidity" of the tenure system. The report warns that unless colleges become more flexible about how professors are recruited and what is expected of them, they will lose much of the best talent -- especially women.

In a highly unusual move, the presidents of three leading universities issued a statement Thursday to challenge the views of Lawrence H. Summers, the president of Harvard University, on women and science. Summers has apologized for his statements, in which he suggested that "innate differences" between men and women may be a reason why there are so few women in science. Debating Speech -- at Hamilton and Whitewater. When Ward Churchill's scheduled appearance at Hamilton College this month was called off because of threats of violence, the debate about his appearance didn't go away.

In formal forums and informal discussions, online and in person, students and faculty members have continued to talk. Middle Ground on Military Recruiting? The Marines are back at Middlebury College -- recruiting this week for the first time in at least a decade. But before they could recruit, they had to agree to explain the military's policies that discriminate against gay people, and to answer questions about those policies at an open campus forum. Should a liberal arts university even think about phasing out instruction in ancient Greek? Penn and U. Settle Over Research Death.

A Job Training Program Emerges. Congress offered a first glimpse Wednesday at the new federal job training program for community colleges that President Bush unveiled more than a year ago. It came as members of a House of Representatives subcommittee approved a bill to renew the Workforce Investment Act of Officials of two-year colleges generally liked what they saw. If at First You Don't Succeed. During the tech boom of the '90s, New York University and Western Governors University were among the ambitious innovators in distance education.

NYU created a for-profit, Gay chat lines in Augsburg spinoff. After a few years, it tanked.

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Western Governors, with its emphasis on "competency based" education, predicted it would quickly enroll thousands of students -- and ended up with dozens. This week, both institutions are turning corners in their distance programs. For much of the last year, community colleges and the Bush administration have, symbolically, been dancing cheek to cheek. Given what's in the Bush administration's budget proposal, they may spend the next few months fighting toe to toe. Want to advertise?.

Founding Director Alan Lightman is pictured on the center right. Holyoke Class Mt. Bol Ph. Catherine University St. Edward's University St. Joseph's College-New York St. Lawrence University St. Mary's University St. Norbert College St.

Gay chat lines in Augsburg

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