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This resource is periodically updated for necessary changes due to legal, market, or practice developments. ificant developments affecting this resource will be described below. What's on Practical Law? Show less Show more. Ask a question. Family law in Bermuda: overview. Related Content. This global guide is published in association with the International Academy of Family Lawyers.

Jurisdiction and conflict of law Regulatory framework. What are the primary sources of law in relation to marriage, marital breakdown and the welfare of children and give a brief overview of which courts will have jurisdiction to hear the dispute? Sources of law In the Supreme Court, the core legislation relating to divorce, financial proceedings and to children born to married couples or children who are considered to be children of the family is the Matrimonial Causes Act MCA The recently enacted Domestic Partnership Act DPA provides for the creation of domestic partnerships for both same-sex and opposite sex couples.

Unmarried parents may choose to address issues relating to the welfare of children by bringing an application in either the Supreme Court or the Magistrate's Court. The court is empowered under the Act to make such orders as it thinks fit in relation to the guardianship, custody or maintenance of a minor. In the Magistrate's Court, applications in relation to children and their welfare, whether born within marriage or outside of marriage, including issues of maintenance, are determined in accordance with the Children Act CA as amended by the Children's Amendment Act However, the amendments have not yet been brought in to force save for provisions establishing a Co-parenting Mediation Council.

Other Acts which are relevant include the Sex surrogate Bermuda. Matrimonial Proceedings Magistrate's Court Act financial relief for a married woman or a married man prior to the issue of a divorce petition. Domestic Violence Protection Order Act Law Reform Husband and Wife Act includes provisions for the determination of the title or possession of property between a husband and wife. The Constitution of Bermuda has a of sections applicable to family law. Court system Disputes relating to children of married parents, or children who are deemed to be children of the family, will be dealt with in the Supreme Court.

Hearings relating to children are ordinarily heard in private see Question What are the main requirements for local courts to have jurisdiction in relation to divorce, property and children proceedings? Divorce The court has jurisdiction to hear proceedings for divorce, judicial separation or nullity of marriage where section 2, MCA :. Either of the parties is domiciled in Bermuda on the date when the proceedings are begun.

Either of the parties are ordinarily resident in Bermuda throughout the Sex surrogate Bermuda of one year prior to the proceedings being initiated. Same-sex spouses and civil partners Two people may enter into domestic partnership where they are both over the age of 18 years, neither is currently married or in a domestic partnership and they are not within the prohibited degrees of domestic relationships, as prescribed in the Act.

Section 41 of the DPA confirms that the MCA shall apply to proceedings concerning domestic partnerships with the necessary modifications. The dissolution of a domestic partnership will therefore be governed by the MCA The Government of Bermuda has however appealed the ruling and the matter is currently scheduled for hearing before the Privy Council in early As such, the court currently has jurisdiction to hear proceedings for divorce, judicial separation or nullity of a same sex marriage provided that the requirements of section 2 of the MCA are satisfied.

Property The court can determine applications for financial relief on the granting of a decree of divorce, a decree of nullity of marriage or a decree of judicial separation, or at any time thereafter sections 27 and 28, MCA Children Where proceedings for divorce, nullity or a decree Sex surrogate Bermuda judicial separation are continuing in Bermuda, or at any time thereafter, the Supreme Court has jurisdiction to make orders in relation to children of the family pursuant to section 46 of MCA The MA is silent as to the jurisdiction of the court. The court has held that it can accept jurisdiction over present in Bermuda applying its "paternal jurisdiction".

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In considering the most convenient forum, the court must apply a discretionary exercise having regard to the welfare of the child as the first and paramount consideration J A MinorCivil JurisdictionNo The child is habitually resident in Bermuda at the commencement of the application. The child is physically present in Bermuda. No application for custody of, or access to, the child is pending before an overseas tribunal. No overseas order in respect of custody or access to the child has been recognised by a court in Bermuda.

The child has a real and substantial connection with Bermuda. On the balance of convenience it is appropriate for jurisdiction to be exercised in Bermuda. Domicile, nationality and habitual residence. How do the concepts of domicile, nationality and habitual residence apply in relation Sex surrogate Bermuda divorce, financial arrangements, and children? As Bermuda is a common law jurisdiction based primarily on UK law, the concept of domicile has been determined in accordance with the common law of England and Wales.

Domicile of origin will be acquired at birth: born to married parents will receive the domicile of his father; born to unmarried parents or born after the death of the child's father will receive the domicile of the mother. A person may acquire a new domicile by residing in another country with the intention of continuing to reside there, and not returning to permanently reside in the country in which that person had ly been domiciled.

The burden of establishing a change of domicile is on the person asserting it. In Burrows v Burrows, Divorce Jurisdiction No 37the court held, citing the UK authority of Boldrini v Boldrini Probate Divisionthat residing in Bermuda subject to a work permit did not preclude one from choosing Bermuda as a domicile of choice. The term habitual residence is interchangeable with the term ordinary residence. The courts have construed the term according to its ordinary and natural meaning and have adopted the definition that a person is ordinarily resident in a place if he habitually and normally resides lawfully in such place from choice and for a settled purpose, apart from temporary or occasional absences.

CA specifically defines when is habitually resident for the purposes of applications pursuant to that Act see Question 2. Conflict of law. What procedure applies for a party applying to stay proceedings in favour of a foreign jurisdiction? What factors do local courts take into when determining forum issues? Procedure Schedule 1 of MCA provides for divorce proceedings to be stayed where proceedings have been commenced in a foreign jurisdiction. The power is discretionary and will be applied on the balance of fairness and convenience.

The court is directed to have regard to all relevant factors including the convenience of witnesses and any delay or expense which may result from the proceedings being stayed. The court will have regard to the principle of forum non conveniens and will consider which is the more natural Sex surrogate Bermuda appropriate forum to try the case. Factors The factors which the court will consider include:.

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The place of residence of the parties and the location of their assets. Any delay or expense which may result in a decision to stay. The extent to which one set of proceedings can deal comprehensively with all the issues between the parties, including issues as to financial provision.

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In relation to matters pursuant to CA in the Magistrate's Court, the issue of jurisdiction is determined by section 36L see Question 2. Section 36N permits the court to decline jurisdiction where it is more appropriate for jurisdiction to be exercised outside Bermuda. Anti-suit injunctions The Bermuda court does have jurisdiction, which it will exercise sparingly and with great caution, to en a party from carrying on proceedings, including matrimonial proceedings, in a foreign court.

Applicable law. Are foreign nationals treated differently on divorce? Foreign nationals are generally not treated differently with respect to divorce proceedings. Those seeking financial relief following a foreign divorce are limited in the types of claims that can be made.

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Section 9 of the Recognition of Divorces and Legal Separations Act provides that where a foreign divorce or legal separation is recognised in Bermuda, the court shall have jurisdiction under part IV of the MCA to determine claims relating only to any land, or any interest in land, in Bermuda. In addition, there are a of potential consequences for non-Bermudian spouses in a divorce regarding immigration and the ability to remain residing in Bermuda which depend upon various factors.

For example, a non-Bermudian former spouse can apply for an extension of their spousal rights to allow them to remain residing and working in Bermuda where they have t custody of a Bermudian. The extension commonly referred to as an ESERC Extension of a Spousal Rights Employment Certificate will extend the rights typically enjoyed by a non-Bermudian spouse until the child reaches the age of Where both parties are non-Bermudian, there are potential implications on work permits and the ability of each spouse to remain living in Bermuda.

Bermuda does not apply foreign law upon divorce although the validity of a foreign marriage is to be determined in accordance with the rules of private international law see Question Service of proceedings 6. What are the requirements for service of divorce, financial and children proceedings in your jurisdiction? MCA Divorce. Service of the petition can be effected by personal Sex surrogate Bermuda on the respondent s or by post. However, given the requirements to prove service, the petition is almost always served personally or on an attorney who agrees to accept service.

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If the petitioner wishes to serve the petition by another means of service, or would like to substitute the notice of proceedings with an advertisement, they must apply for leave of the Court. The petitioner cannot serve the document themselves. Documents in matrimonial proceedings that need to be served outside of Bermuda may either be served in accordance with the Matrimonial Causes Rules as prescribed above, or the Rules of the Supreme Court RSCOrder Where service is made under the Rules of the Supreme Court RSCand personal service is called for, a certificate needs to be furnished which shows how the server was able to verify that they were serving the correct person.

Applications for ancillary relief must be filed with the Supreme Court Registry. Within four days of such notice being filed, the applicant must serve a copy of the Sex surrogate Bermuda on the respondent. Where the applicant is applying for a property adjustment or avoidance of disposition order, the application and relevant supporting affidavit must be served on the following people in addition to the respondent:.

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For variation of settlement order, the trustees and the settlor if living. For avoidance of disposition order, persons in whose favour the disposition is alleged to have been made. For a property adjustment order or an avoidance of disposition order relating to land, any mortgagee of whom particulars are referred to in the application documents along with any other person the Registrar so directs.

A party filing a pleading referring to custody must file a copy on each opposing party. With regards to matters of custody, and care orders for children, the Court will give directions as to the filing and service of such pleadings. Where no such direction is given, service is effected by leaving the document at or sending it by post to their attorney, or by delivering it personally or sending it by post directly to the respondent.

Children Act CA Where proceedings are brought under the CAthe Magistrates Court will in most instances hear the matter, with limited applications being heard by the Supreme Court for example, an application for Sex surrogate Bermuda declaration of parentage Section 18E, CA Accordingly, the rules for services are those required in accordance with that Act, and the Magistrates' Court Rules Ordinarily, service of the summons is effected by the Court bailiff.

Minors Act MA Under the MAevery affidavit and application in support of such an application must be lodged in duplicate with the Registrar and the applicant must serve as soon as possible thereafter, copies of all such documentation on the respondent. Service must be made by personal service or where that cannot be effected the judge may make such order for substituted service as may seem just.

The convention entered into force in Bermuda on 19 July Pre- and post-nuptial agreements and matrimonial property regimes Validity of pre- and post-nuptial agreements. To what extent are pre- and post-nuptial agreements binding?

The courts of Bermuda have ificant regard to decisions of the English Court of Appeal. In the case Sex surrogate Bermuda Remington v Remington Civil Appeal No 1 ofthe Court of Appeal held that the Bermuda courts should pay great respect to the English Court of Appeal's construction of statute and try to benefit from the guidance which is provided.

In the absence of clear reasons to the contrary, the court stated that the tendency would be to follow the English decision, particularly in matters where English law or practice is applicable. This pronouncement applies to decisions of the Supreme Court formerly House of Lordswhich are highly persuasive. In the case of McLeod v McLeod [] UKPC 64the Privy Council considered the legal position regarding the enforceability of a post-nuptial agreement and held that such agreements were 'maintenance agreements' according to the statute.

The Privy Council held that post-nuptial agreements are binding and enforceable, and will be varied only if circumstances have changed or where inadequate provision was made for any child of the marriage. In McLeod the Board made comments in relation to pre-nuptial agreements which strictly were obiter. Historically, pre-nuptial agreements were unenforceable as against public policy, but were viewed as a circumstance of the case that the court could take into. The UK Supreme Court judgment in the case of Radmacher v Granatino [] UKSC 42 altered this position considerably and, deviating from what was said by the Board in McLeod concerning pre-nuptial agreements, provided Sex surrogate Bermuda the court should give effect to both pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements that are freely entered into by each party with a full appreciation of its implications, unless in the circumstances it would be unfair to hold the parties to their agreement.

Therefore, the UK Supreme Court established a rebuttable presumption that the court should give effect to pre- and post-nuptial agreements. As a decision of the Supreme Court of the UK, the decision in Radmacher is highly persuasive to the Bermuda courts in relation to both pre- and post-nuptial agreements. Post Radmacher, it can be seen that the UK Courts are giving ificant weight to both pre- and post-nuptial agreements unless the terms are manifestly unfair.

The courts continue to recognise that respect should be accorded to the decision of a married couple as to the manner in which their financial affairs should be regulated that is, there should be respect for autonomy, but no agreement should be able to overreach basic needs.

In BN v MA [], Mostyn J stated that "the law adopts a strict policy of requiring the demonstration of something unfair before it will open the Pandora's Box of litigation where there has been an agreement of this nature. Since the decision of Radmachera case concerning the enforceability of pre-nuptial agreements has not been appealed to the Privy Council, which could potentially reverse the decision of Radmacher.

However, reversal of the Radmacher decision appears to be highly unlikely given that a of the Board of the Privy Council also sit in the UK Supreme Court and given the greater judicial recognition of autonomy in the disposition of property within or after a marriage. Do matrimonial regimes exist in your jurisdiction and is there a default matrimonial property regime?

Sex surrogate Bermuda

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Family law in Bermuda: overview