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Operating Time and Entrance fees:. Realizing that a great many of you travel some distance to enjoy the Sights, Sounds and People at Sapphire, we have compiled a list of nearby Hotels and Motels for you to consider should you choose to spend the Night with Us in Jupiter, Fl. Highway 1 Jupiter, Fl www. Sapphire Lounge A Legendary contemporary nightclub where sophistcated adults meet. It was nice. Good sound system, lights and nice looking people. The crowd was a nice mix of younger and older.

I went on a SDC night. I got a tour of the VIP section, it was nice but there were only couches and very short curtains around them. Seemed pretty bright too. Not sure it would be a fun play room. But I would guess is a good place to meet some new playmates. Rating: 7 Title: A great time! The bar tender was super nice all questions were Loxahatchee fl. adult swingers since we had a ton about What was accepted or not the crowed started off Older and got younger as the night went on.

Everyone was dressed to impress and no smoking inside was a huge plus! The wife and like the music and sexually charged atmosphere. Had a great time last Saturday night. We will be back. There were about 20 to 25 couples there and the ladies were dressed to the hilt. Rating: 9 Title: Lifestyle club Members Only!!!! Please give us some time to complete all of the past problems.

We are open on wed,thurs,friday and saturday nights starting from 9pm until 3am. Thank you. Sapphire is now a "vanilla" club, with nothing special about it and actually, a rare crowd that does not provide much atmosphere. Still, if one is looking for swingers to bring somewhere else, there is still some of them hanging around Had slipped down to FL for some much need RR time. After we got there looked like a nice group everyone haveing fun. Thought it was a little low key, but just thought it had not let loose yet maybe a slow start. They had put up a place to shadow Loxahatchee fl.

adult swingers. Told him if you do, I will dance on pole. Wrong move, as she pulled her shirt up place had a hush fall over it. He then came over and said hey we changed to a regular bar. That is Ok but should have said something. Was not cool for her, me or for that matter everyone that was in a reular bar.

We would have never never done that had he just said anything. Just so the rest of you know nice bar, but just a bar. We have gone many times over the years as this club has gone through a few different owners and now finally they got it right.

The new owners are great people and swingers! The club is clean, upscale and has a great DJ. We have been to a lot of Loxahatchee fl. adult swingers. Anytime we are in the area Sapphire is our 1. Rating: 10 Title: Sept. Have been to alot of swing clubs but never have been to one as upscale and classy as Sapphire Lounge. What a great club, terrific staff and the owners seem to do everything to make you feel welcome and make sure that you have a great time while you are there.

Love the music and the ambiance. It's great not to have to go out and buy a bottle of booze to bring with you. They have all of the top shelf alcohol there and at very reasonable prices. We will be back again and again.

Wide age range. If you are shy come with friends, it makes a big difference! Will return soon. It was truly amazing. You know how Loxahatchee fl. adult swingers lot of clubs are clickish and make you feel like and outsider because you dont know them and they dont know you. Well we are here to say this club is different. We got to meet many many new people.

The bonus is not only are they willing to meet new people they are also friendly. But we have left the best part of the club for last. The music is amazing. You ask for a song and the dj does his best to play it within a reasonable period of time. The music appeals to all age groups not like some other clubs where if you are over 18 you dont have a clue as to what they are playing.

Also the mucic encourages you to dance because it actually has a beat. Bottom line we drive over and hour to go to this club when there are 3 other clubs within 15 minites of our house. We think that says it all. Wife loves the new pole and the screen is so hot. We always leave with a smile on our faces. Cant with to go back tonight!! Rating: 10 Title: Sapphire Lounge is opened and hot. Every Fri. Rating: 10 Title: its about time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait for the club to reopen. Bring em on boys!!!!

However, as many of you know Closed as of November 5th So lets hope those golds guys will be there cause I am looking for some double action. That means you craig darling se ya there sweeteeeeeeeeee. I dont think it will top last weekend, I was sore foe 3 days. My babe and I are ready for some hot back room action her girl friends are in for a good bangen and my sweeete is looking for some real hard action she just loves a good pumpin.

The mored the jucier all cumers welcome. I was up all night with the group from golds, my dick is so sore from worken those 6 pussies in the back room and than back at admiralds. Cant wait to get back in the action, the after party is a real ball buster though. Never knew a few house wives could be so horney! Rating: 10 Title: hot hot hot!!!!!!!!!! I thumped three horney housewives one after another. Did not know my wife could handle three guys at once, she is truly a cock slayer. Ready to go back for more! Well over people showed up Great Music, Great Fun And Sapphire Lounge is definetly one of the nicest places From the Bartenders, to the DJ who is the best in Floridato a great Manager, and the best door girl in the world This place makes you feel at home and comfortable It was our first time and as the night went on we thought nothing was going to work out We met a few couples and the ladies hit it off very nicely in the private room.

Also, I recommend paying the extra amount to have the open bar. It worked out nice and the service was quick. Great beaches and restaurants to enjoy in the area before also. We, love the intimate feeling of the back room with the sheer curtains and semi private rooms.

This club is always spotless which is a big plus from other establishments we have frequented. You never know what type of crowd will be there but we have always enjoyed ourselves and had a blast. The drive is pleasant and practically no traffic. Sapphire is a true gem! We danced to a mixture of music played by the DJ not just all dance but some slow ones too! The drink prices were decent and the bartender gave a nice pour for your money.

Some people were cliky but the majority were friendly and we will be ing many parties to cum oops I mean to come;! It is very well deed and has a very quiet, intimate atmosphere. Extremely clean and well organized, usually not overly crowded its definately a great spot to meet new people.

The decor is positively amazing and the layout is perfect for any occasion. We highly recommend this club!! Rating: 8. .

Loxahatchee fl. adult swingers

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