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Denmark vs Finland, Euro Highlights: Finland had a debut to remember as they defeated Denmark in Copehagen, courtesy of a header from Joel Pohjanpalo. There was a massive delay in the first half after Christian Eriksen collapsed. After receiving lengthy treatment on the pitch, he was taken to a hospital.

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The match was suspended by UEFA but after Eriksen was declared stable, the game d on the request of the players. Not sure how one can summarise this match, this night but all that matters right now is that Christian Eriksen is 'stabilised' in the hospital. Thank you for ing us on this live coverage. Stryger's probing ball from the right flank is right in front of goal. Finland goalie Hradecky misses tha ball and it falls to Poulsen.

But Raitala clears the ball immediately before taking a knock. Vestegaard's cross is cleared by Lod before Jensen could kick it home. The corner is conceded but nothing comes off it as Hradecky punches the ball away. Denmark's Hojbjerg's effort from the spot is saved by Hradecky! That was a poor, poor penalty. He never looked comfortable. He was strolling to the spot and went to his right with a weak shot.

Hradecky, who has been fabulous all night, saved the penalty. Arajuuri and Finland are penalised as the former clipped the leg of Poulsen. Delaney's cross is blocked and the ball rolls to Poulsen, whose delivery flies over goal. Joel Pohjanpalo has scored the opener completely against the run of play and Finland have taken the lead. Coming to the goal, it was a rather rare attacking move from Finland. Uronene squared the ball from the lef flank. Pohjanpalo rose over his defender to head the ball goalwards. It lands in front of Schmeichel, but the ball slips past him and into the net.

Toivio clears the ball underneath is own crossbar to clear a Poulsen cross. The ball then rolls to Denmark or asian women tonight only at the cusp of the box but his shot is blocked as well. Mathias Jensen has ample space and time just outside the box to find the back of the net. Instead of placement, he goes for power and ends up shooting the ball over the cross bar. Jensen's dangerous-looking in-swinger headed away by Arajuuri. The remaining four minutes of the first half will be completed first. That will be followed by a five-minute break.

And then, the last 45 will be played. Viewers, what we witnessed almost two hours back was absolutely heart-wrenching and shocking.

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Whether you happened to see it live, or read about it, or watch a video later, it was extremely distressing. The last four minutes of the first half will be played, there will then be a 5-minute half-time break followed by the second half. The player in now in hospital and in a stable condition.

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UEFA wishes Christian Eriksen a full and speedy recovery and wishes to thank both teams for their exemplary attitude. Meanwhile, England's preview press conference, which was scheduled to take place at 6. We are still awaiting information Denmark or asian women tonight only Christian Eriksen's health.

It is time for prayers. Stay with us as this situation unfolds. Christian Eriksen being stretchered off the field -- it still remains unclear if he has been resuscitated. Around 40 minutes into the game, Christian Eriksen collapsed at the touchline with no players around him.

Referee Anthony Taylor, as well as both sets of players, saw the severity of the issue instantly and called on medical staff. Finland's players are now going to their dressing room, while Denmark's players, visibly emotional, formed a wall around the scene. The players are walking off the field as the medical staff tries to resusicate Denmark's Christian Eriksen who collapsed on field. The situations looks grim. Kasper Schmeichel runs up to the other side and there is a massive concern.

What's happened here? He is going to be stretchered away now. He has collapsed in very a concerning way. Slick footwork at the edge of the box, a side step, and a curler seeking top right corner. The ball, however, flies over. Denmark float a free-kick from deep towards the far post, where Hradecky pouches the ball for Finland. He is back up after receiving some treatment. A small lob from the left by Denmark's Maelhe, seeking Poulson. However, Hradecky intercepts the ball and attempts to pouch it.

However, he collides with his own player, Uronenin the process. The player is okay after receiving some treatment. In the 23rd minute, Puki threatened Denmark on the counter. He was trying to outrun Simon Kjaer and maybe have a go at from distance.

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However, there was a lot of pulling and pushing and eventually, Kjaer brought Pukki down. A free-kick was given but nothing came off it. A brilliant run down the left flank from Hojbjerg. He outruns Finnish defender Toivio initially but the latter catches up and his challenge forces the Denmark player to slam the ball wide of the near post. Denmark continues to play the majority of the game in the Finland half.

Denmark wins a corner after the ball is deflected off a Finnish defender while attempting to intercept a cross.

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Eriksen curled the ball into the box from the right flank and picked Delaney at the far end. He took the first touch and then shot at goal but the ball flew over the goal. He looked at the ground right away to suggest he may have slipped. This time, he denis Eriksen, who has ample space and time at edge of the box on the right. He takes his time, lines the shot up but fails to beat the diving Hradecky.

Another spectacular save from Hradecky. A fine ball in from the left flank into the box. Hjobjerg gets great contact with the header and it is on target. However, the ball is tipped over by the bar Finnish keeper. Christensen is pulled up for his rather heavy challenge on Kamara. Free-kick awarded to Finland but nothing comes off it. Great take from Eriksen, pulled it down beautifully at the edge of the box. He takes the shot but the shot is blocked by the defender. They have managed to penetrate the backline of Finland only to be denied by the opposition goalie on a few occasions.

That's a good save from the Finnish keeper. Jonas Wind rifles the ball from outside the box but the keeper is up to the task as he dives to his right to parry the ball away a corner. But nothing comes off it. Corner for Denmark.

Denmark or asian women tonight only swings it, Delaney gets a head on the far end and puts the ball back into play. Hradecky, after fumbling once, manages to hold on to the ball on the deflection. A sliding tackle and he is rightly booked. Anthony Taylor blows the whistle and we ar off. Denmark wearing red and white shirts, Finland in navy blue. Will Finland create history on their debut?

Markku Kanerva's Finland will be appearing in the main event of the European Championship for the first time.

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The Danes famously won the title in However, have not been able to enjoy considerable success since as they reached the quarterfinals in but were shown the exit door after the group stage in the edition. It got worse thereafter as they failed to qualify for the tournament. Denmark have lost just one of their last 12 matches in all competitions, while Finland are now winless in their last six, suffering four losses in the process. Who are you backing tonight?

Denmark or asian women tonight only

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Euro Denmark vs Finland Highlights: Finland beats Denmark after Pohjanpalo goal