Tall blonde blue eyes and handsome

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Now to my topic: Blond men.

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Disclosure: I am blond myself. And I've never really struggled with girls, including black girls, latin girls, Asian girls both South and East nor Middle Eastern girls. Nor, of course, white girls. Still, the basic formula you read over and over again is 'tall, dark and handsome'.

When girls talk about their physical preferences, hair color is not usually high on the list but it is nonetheless mentioned from time to time. I've also noticed quite a few girls that want darkhaired men with, say, green eyes. But that's another story. My general question is: is this true for you or if you haven't thought about it personally, what about your circle of friends?

Is it a big deal or a minor thing? Now I am both tall, handsome and with dark blue eyes and wavy, golden blond hair. And as I said I haven't noticed anything from girl's general behaviour to warrant suspicion that my haircolor would work against me, but you never know! So, girls, enlighten me. Is this the case, as it seems, and is it a big deal?

Still, I'd imagine in the larger scheme of things someone's hair color isn't exactly a dealbreaker, but it'd be interesting to find someone for who it is! Not what you're looking for? Report 8 years ago 2. If you've never had trouble with girls before, then what's the problem?

Clearly you have your answer. Report 8 years ago 3. I would like to think that most people consider more than what hair colour a guy has to determine whether to go out with them. Report 8 years ago 4.

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I'm not blonde or tall or tanned; I don't have big breasts or long legs. It doesn't really bother me that I'm a ghostly-pale brunette with frizzy hair, legs about gnome height and boobs like two fried eggs - i'd rather someone loved my quirks or at least found them endearing than me try to emulate what everyone finds attractive SJHiggy Badges: 0. Report 8 years ago 5. Report 8 years ago 6.

Report 8 years ago 7. Girls often dream of their perfect 'prince' but this is just an ideal guy if they had absolute say in it, like deer baby kind of thing. However in a real world we don't actually care about our ideal man, not in terms of looks- well not to such a tiny detail as hair colour which bare in mind can be easily changed unlike facial features! Blonde or Black is just a preference, but things change when you meet someone and they take your breath away.

Tall blonde blue eyes and handsome

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Why do men find blonde women so very attractive?