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By Patrick Kilbride — Twitter. Since the kindergarten of gay-school aka lifeNo Strings Attached NSA meets have been as much an integral part of gay culture. NSA meets have loomed over me and my queer peers, tempting and tantalising from the shadows, even from a stupidly young age.

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Apps like Grindr and online dating websites allow gay men to bash and dash with ease. There are so many avenues that exist to facilitate NSA, like parks, canal sides and public toilets, that it seems to almost be ingrained in the psyche of the gay male. Men love sex — I am no exception — but this culture of facelessness and namelessness seems ultimately detrimental to the male psyche, as well as the way in which we form and maintain healthy relationships.

So much so, that it le me to question whether it is moral to engage in NSA. I think platforms such as Grindr, Tinder and so on, have elements that make them fabulous. For the sake of research I log on to Grindr, of whom I am in no way slamming taking queer-bashing to a whole new level and whilst scrolling down, I see an extensive variety of guys.

This seems great, all different types of blokes from all walks of life mixed in together, jumbled up like a bag of boa feathers. However what seems blatantly obvious, is that this culture of judging guys by their looks, encourages people to be shallow and superficial. The better looking guys stick out like a sore thumb against those who do not possess an Adonis physique or pearly white gnashers.

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Within minutes of ing a photo, I am being bombarded and I know this could be perceived as bravado by messages from guys of all ages. Some with six packs, some with grey hair, one even in crotchless chaps. These guys all fail to ask how I am or engage in general chit-chat, succeeding in asking how big my cock is, or if I am top or bottom. This aggressive and tactless dialogue horrified me. Certainly, it seems men are habituated to shag first, ask questions after however the latter rarely ensues.

Instead homosexuals become habituated to sex without discourse, emotion or any form of tenderness.

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The brain, it seems really does travel to the end of their cock. By looking at the vast population of penis profile pictures, The Pork Sword, it seems, has become an icon of gay culture, synonymous to homosexual. I believe NSA meets are similar to smoking. As one smokes a cigarette, the desire to imbibe another increases, and so it is for NSA. What can be more attractive or persuasive than meeting a guy just to have sex, with no other social, emotional or anything else attached?

If we do become habituated to this effortless genre of relationship, then it seems blatantly obvious to me that our ability to have an intense, deep, and meaningful one regresses. By having NSA we actively damage ourselves, not just physically, but emotionally too. This may seem wholly hyperbolic, but I believe that for every casual partner we have, our capacity to love and care for someone depletes. This begs the question, is it moral to do to have NSA relationships?

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Not only the effects they have on us, but to someone else as well? No, I might hear you say. As Rupaul says, being gay means we No Strings Attached Sex Spence to choose our family. Having spoken to someone that indulges in NSA meets and is a similar age to myself, I was shocked to learn that he does not kiss the men he meets. This astounded me. Allowing someone to kiss me, would almost be like allowing them to pick up my soul and whittle a chunk off. I have to reserve something precious and delicate for when I do find love. Something untainted. To me this is my kiss. I have NSA for many different reasons, all of which I know are wrong.

The chase gives me a buzz, however it is very short lived. As revoltingly poetic as this seems I do see his point. People have NSA for lo of reasons, due to a release of tension, to just wanting to feel beautiful. This article might seem totally hyperbolic, blown out of proportion and complete bullshit.

But when you think about it, the fact that NSA has become a massive part of gay culture is saddening and sinister. By thinking for a second longer about who it is you are speaking to, the brother, father, uncle, son on the other end of the phone, it becomes instantly more poignant that they are a human, with stories and experiences. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook. Notify me of new comments via. Notify me of new posts via.

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No Strings Attached Sex Spence

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