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When it came to being a dad, my father says he was pretty much flying blind. One of the most prominent father-son memories he has is of when he was five and his mother was letting him stay up late to watch a show on TV; his father vetoed that and sent him to bed crying.

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He also remembers his dad coming after him with a belt. Then, when my dad was 13, my grandfather remarried and moved away.

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I felt love for you, so I wanted to teach you things and play with you. The idea that a man can possess a parenting instinct, and is not just suited to be a provider or a hapless sidekick, is relatively new. When I was born, inthe expectation that men should do more was picking up steam, but they were still considered a poor substitute for mom. At that time, however, Lamb and a small of other researchers were all coming to the same conclusion: Babies can form as strong an attachment to their d as to their moms. In short, d make a difference.

The truth is, just as women have always had what it takes to be CEOs, men have always had the power to nurture. But more recently, researchers have observed that the same spike in oxytocin occurs when fathers hold and play with their newborns. My own discovery of this fact began in an initially distressing way. Almost four years ago, when the surgeon brought my son around the curtain and passed him to me, I was astonished by the fragile, crying creature.

The next two days were a blur, as I alternated between taking care of my son and my wife, who was recovering from a C-section. The oxytocin buzz. While that love drug pumps through a new father, his testosterone level typically drops, making him less prone to risk-taking behaviour and more able to nurture his newborn. And also, oddly, he registers an increase in prolactin—a hormone best known for helping women produce breastmilk. Its purpose, it turns out, is greater than that. University of Notre Dame anthropologist Lee Gettler explains that the presence of prolactin goes back hundreds of millions of years to our animal ancestors—before mammals existed even before breastfeeding existed.

All of the internal changes can depend on how much time d spend solo with their kids in infancy and toddlerhood, says Hayley Alloway, who studies endocrinology in fathers at Memorial University of Newfoundland. And indeed, studies have shown that the more intimate time a dad has with his baby, the lower his testosterone dips and the more empathetic and soothing Mature daddy type needed is with his.

I experienced the change in myself but wondered whether other involved d did, too. And the growing bond he had with his baby changed the way he viewed his own life. Life is bigger than just me now. Although research in this area is scant, one study that reviewed the literature since found that men under 40 with children had poorer health than those who had none. As someone who became a father at 37, my ts and bones Mature daddy type needed confirm this. But, in men over 40—who had settled into their parental roles—the opposite was true.

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And, if a father makes it all the way to 60, a study conducted in Sweden at Stockholm University and the Karolinska Institutet found having a kid adds about two years onto his life expectancy. In this sense, he was at the forefront of the shift, involving himself in ways that are now the norm. Although that push 40 years ago may have been for the sake of balancing work and child care between parents, the research Lamb and others began doing at the time attempted to show that fathers were more than just a convenient backup to mothers. After modest initial studies—experiments showing that a temporarily abandoned baby would stop crying when its father returned—researchers eventually came to conclude that active d can have a net positive impact.

Having an involved dad has been associated with fewer cognitive delays, Mature daddy type needed school readiness, a decrease in tantrums and aggressive behaviour, and lower rates of depression. In the book Do Fathers Matter? I wanted my son to have a connection with me, too. He talked to his child constantly and, in short order, his son—who is now a skilled and passionate storyteller—responded by gravitating toward Simon whenever he heard his voice.

This hypothesis inadvertently raises one of the concerns I have with studies aiming to prove that kids with involved d do better in life. And because any two people differ in personality and bring different strengths to the table. We can be left alone with our.

As he told me about this over the phone, he was taking a walk with his third child, now 12—not going anywhere specific, just strolling for the sake of being together. But Brandon says the payoff has also been personal. I would give them a body part.

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Although his dad is nearing retirement now, Josh says it may be too late to form a real bond with him. With his own son, Josh is trying to break that cycle. I want to be a big part of his life and be there for him physically and emotionally.

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To do that, I need a solid foundation. What better way to form that than to know him well as he grows up. I saw fathers showing up and fathers who were engaged, and these were not the d being depicted in media. I remember watching Mr. I had a role model for how to be an involved father—one who worked during the day but was there for me in the evenings or the middle of the night.

Human men are among a select Mature daddy type needed that provide direct care for their offspring—only 10 percent of mammals do so. Orangutans, seals, elephants and sea lions are members of this nurturing elite. Research around how our bodies react to the role is still emerging, but here is some of what we know. D who spend more time with their infants see the biggest dip.

But, d can also be affected by it, too. One meta-analysis found that about 10 percent of men experience PPD. This article was originally published online in June Couch: Urbanbarn. Joseph Communications uses cookies for personalization, to customize its online advertisements, and for other purposes. Learn more or change your cookie preferences. We use cookies why? You can change cookie preferences. Continued site use ifies consent.

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