Virgin who wants to change that

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If a mistake has been made and this is not the case, you must correct it at least two 2 hours before your scheduled departure time.

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We or our Authorised Agent if your Ticket is booked through one will notify you of these when you book. If you need flexibility with your itinerary, you should make sure that the fare conditions of your Ticket suit your needs. We suggest that you have appropriate travel insurance if they do not. We will let you know if you can make a change and if there is an additional fee or refund when you. We may also charge a change fee for itinerary changes the amount of which is dependent on the Tariff that applies to your Ticket.

You will need to if you want to cancel your reservation. Any refunds will depend on the type of Ticket you hold and the fare conditions that apply to your Ticket.

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See Article 10 for more information. We will extend the period of validity of the Tickets, for a similar period, of other members of your immediate family that are travelling with you when you fell ill.

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We will not extend the period of validity beyond forty-five 45 Days from the date of death. There may be additional charges to pay if there is a difference in fare, carrier imposed charges and surcharges, taxes, fees and charges. These will be advised to you at the time of rebooking. We will not deduct an administration fee to do this. Which of our destinations are open for travel? Article 7 Making a Change to your Booking.

Virgin who wants to change that

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Making a Change to your Booking