Sbf interested in making a new friend

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View Full Version : To friendly Girls looking for an earnest friend. First of all, I'm new to this forum or any forums for that fact of the matter. Heard so much about it however I hope the following will not bore anyone. I am really just keen to making new friends, not that I am lacking love or anything like that. Just casual female friends whom are interested to go out as friends, purely friends to catch a movie or two, dine, stroll or do sports. Clean stuffs that involves no hanky panky hopefully. Lack of experience in forums and online portals is really to my disadvantage.

I don't even know if I'm at the right forum at the right time to post this but I'll take my chances.

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More about myself I'm 25m doing sales as a result, I have time whether during or after officehours to burn. Big movie buff who don't drink, gamble nor smoke and I am keen listener. Love outdoor activities be it cycling, swimming, badminton anything under the sun basically. On the same note I don't have a lot of female friends because of the industry I'm working in and a very very uptight gf.

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Thus I have limited contact with females and naturally in abundance of guys. Keen to meet girls younger than myself if older, not too much older. Oh and I'm chinese. I find myself rude in such a manner but honesty is something Sbf interested in making a new friend value and at the same time do not wish to create room for any misunderstandings.

Pm me for a further discussion if anyone is interested to make friends. Exchange contacts only if you're totally comfortable. I figure this could be a bad move and out of a hundred tries probably only once I will get a decent reply. Truth is, I won't be spending much of my time behind the keyboard. This is once I'll try to befriend people over the internet and leave everything else to fate.

While you get to know more girls, could you introduce me your uptight gf? I'm not that weird. I'm also looking for a nice gal for a very normal friendship and just go to the beach and maybe go to Hotel to watch TV only. There'll be no hanky panky business and if you're married then make sure you let your husband knows that this is purely for clean friendship only Clean stuffs that involves no hanky panky I find it hard to believe leh That's exactly what I also find hard to believe on ts :p Ha go hotel room to watch tv shows only.

This is such a lousy trick If ts can just catch a movie etc Don't misunderstood me I am not weird at all. Just want to know your uptight girlfriend as casual friend and see how uptight she is that made you to seek casual female friends here.

I personally believe an uptight girlfren is no good oso I'll prefer a 'downtight' gf, hopefully she's 'upheavy'. If we can make friends w your gf, we promise there'll be no hanky panky. Even if we all go to hotel, I make sure we play board games like Scrabble and Monopussy. Oops paiseh sorry I mean Monopoly. I dont like to watch TV so if she wants to watch TV with the other guys, I'll sit 1 corner and count to infinity.

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Haaaaa haa ha Bro, u r another funny guy. I also find it hard to believe too. Old stock no clear then new stock cannot come in TS, Mind introducing your gf to me? I being really stress up these days and really getting too uptight too. Thinking if you can be a good soul and introduce your uptight gf to be my casual friend. I only know one or two female friends who are on talking terms but they are busy with their hubby and bfs, so I am hoping to get some female company to chat really.

Least, I can get some balance else sooner or later I go crazy due to my stress too.

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I dont know if you aware or not ah, but if truly casual friendsyou usually dont even ask if they married or got bf unless they venture the infomation or you know the person for some timesx Maybe is it mud wrestling???

Sbf interested in making a new friend

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