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The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Cal Fire would like to remind Eastern Madera and Mariposa County residents of the very real fire danger and the consequences for the use of illegal fireworks. Take the family and enjoy the public display at Bass Lake on Tuesday, July 4. Cal Fire Peace Officers will be out in full force.

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Anyone caught with fireworks will be cited and fireworks confiscated. They will report fires in their early stages, identify and report situations that may cause fires and will be highly visible to serve as a deterrent to arsonists. The rainfall we received this year supplied an abundance of grass which has dried out quickly. This dry grass can spread fire rapidly.

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The tree mortality in the area compounds the risk of having a disastrous fire. Everybody needs to be responsible and aware of actions that will cause fires. Cal Fire wishes everyone a safe holiday weekend and remember: one less spark means one less wildfire! For more information please visit ReadyForWildfire. Bear activity and incidents continue to rise. As summer heats up during this low water year, spring grasses are drying out.

As a result, bears are entering developed areas including busy parking lots and occupied campsites in the middle of the day. Bears have also taken advantage by snatching backpacks by riversides as people swim. When a bear gets food from people, it can lead to a rapid escalation in bear behavior. If you see a bear in a developed area or approaching people, yell at the bear as aggressively and loudly as possible. It is important for bears to keep their natural fear of humans and developed areas. If you see a bear outside of a developed area, please stay at least 50 yards away, and back up if you are too close.

For more information visit KeepBearsWild. Please help protect wildlife by obeying speed limits and being prepared to stop for animals in roadways.

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At least four bears have been hit by vehicles in the last month in Yosemite. With that in mind and the population density of black bears in Yosemite being approximately 1 bear per square mile, at least 1 bear is smelling you at all times while in Yosemite. If you are planning a trip to Yosemite with a dog, please make sure you know the rules.

Many wild animals including bears, may change their behavior around dogs—even becoming aggressive. Always keep pets on a six-foot leash and give even wildlife even more space if you are with a pet. Valid one day between July 1st- July 31st. Good for up to 8 people. Paper coupon required. Shallow water or submerged trees or rocks could cause serious injury.

For more information, visit pge. From the outside in, there are a of key tips that can help a seller secure equity and top dollar. Click for more. Experience peace and tranquility in your wonderful, cozy, comfortable home in Ridgeline at beautiful Bass Lake.

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