Lonely in inner Charlotte

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Bob sits alone on a brown ultra suede couch feeling out of place and empty — not dialogue.

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This quote was somehow invented, and has wormed its way on to the IMDb quote and a handful of Tumblr blogs whose followers eat this shit for breakfast. However, it does serve a function. Is there some transparent connection between feelings of isolation and the social media platform? Apparently, yes.

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This finding supports the view that Facebook connects users to real-life friends, while Tumblr connects users with their inner selves. Juvenile by some standards, sure, but nonetheless faultless representations of loneliness.

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These are all singular cries into the void, using a means of communicating despondency that has an easy-access entry point. Lost in Translation was practically made for reblogging. As we slowly inch towards an impending future of mainlining social connectivity, there are more and more accompanying think piecesmemes and click-baiting headlines that point to the irony of us feeling increasingly alone, despite being more socially connected than any other point in history.

Single parents alone together! All for one and one for all!

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Rather than stage a meet cute between its two main characters — Bob and Charlotte, who are both in Tokyo not by choice — she holds off and lets them slowly warm to each other. She, however-many-years his junior, digs for advice once they cosy up to each other.

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Thing is, says Harris, add fame, add wisdom, add age — it never really gets easier. Only by banding together can they begin to make sense of their emotional disconnect with the outside world. However, Instragram users were less emotionally stable than Facebook users and Twitter users. What if it was updated for the Tumblr generation?

The main difference lies in the fact that he bonds with a piece of in-ear tech that will talk back to him, a sultry voice that has his best interests at heart.

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Or, it could be that Tumblr users more easily relate to a female character. Maybe they see themselves in Charlotte? The underlying motivations to blog are believed to stem from a need to obtain social support and reduce loneliness. Put simply, despite its female lead, Lost in Translation bests any semblance of segmentation — cultural, digital, gendered. Everyone, regardless of their experience or formative upbringing, has been faced with feeling like the outsider in a group of people.

Chris Rock likened the film to growing up in the black middle class. While we can all relate, Tumblr owns the cross section of expressing emotion through knockout imagery. Lonely in inner Charlotte while no platform is free from judgment, only Tumblr openly celebrates that shared experience. Even if that simply means being able to avoid people. For individuals who are prone to anxiety and worry, the hyper awareness of their inner experiences and suffering can also generate more creativity, a highly desirable trait within the Tumblr community of media creators and curators.

A good portion of our lives are now spent questioning which direction to take. Where do I go from here? Lost in Translation places us at a crossro, and adds ificant weight to the idea that we can still be alone and figure this shit out, but together.

Tumblr is merely the real-life manifestation of that. Dazed media sites. Text Trey Taylor.

Lonely in inner Charlotte

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