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Attendance is important for the success of all students and closely monitored by the state of Utah, therefore North Star highly encourages attendance of all students. In addition to the following policy, the school has an attendance committee that works closely with any parents, students, and families as needed. Students and parents are encouraged to communicate and work with these individuals in setting up a successful plan when necessary. The School firmly believes that consistent attendance teaches students responsibility. Students learn the value of being punctual and prepared.

Frequent absences result in a loss of continuity of instruction. Also, frequent absences and tardiness prove disruptive for students, teachers, and staff. Parents are expected to take a proactive role in ensuring their children attend school. We recommend families plan their vacation schedule around the existing School calendar.

When possible, medical and dental appointments should take place outside of school hours and parents should notify the School in advance of any absence. Parents and students are responsible for obtaining homework or asments for the time period which the student is absent. The School will seek to accurately monitor and record attendance information, annually review attendance data, and consider revisions to the policy to encourage student attendance. Students are allowed a maximum of five 5 excused absences and five 5 unexcused absences per year. In the event of an unforeseeable illness or emergency, the School should be notified as soon as reasonably possible.

Make-up work is permitted for students who have excused absences. Make-up work must be completed within a reasonable time-frame as determined by the teacher. A student is tardy if he or she is not in the ased classroom when the late bell rings. In general, tardiness will be handled on an individual basis with the teacher. If a student is chronically tardy, then the student may be referred to the administration. A tardy of ten minutes or more, incurred at the beginning of the day, can only be excused if a parent accompanies the student into the school office.

Tardies will only be excused on the day of the tardy. Parents and students are responsible for tracking the total of absences and tardies. Parents will be notified when their student reaches the 4th absence of the year. Parents of elementary students will be notified when their child is tardy for the 4th time during a given quarter.

Parents of Middle School students will be notified if their child is tardy for the 2nd time in a class for the given quarter. If the maximum limit for absences or tardiness is reached, the administration will attempt to schedule a meeting with the parents to review the situation and will outline the appropriate corrective action.

The administration may establish additional reasonable penalties as a consequence for excessive absences. Those efforts will include documented earnest and persistent efforts to resolve a student's attendance problems as follows:. Consistent with Section 53A Habitual truancy citations will only be issued after the School has made earnest and persistent efforts to resolve student attendance problems, which efforts may include those set forth above.

The School will refer a student to whom a habitual truancy citation has been issued to juvenile court. A court referral will include a recommended disposition containing the following: [a] documentation of attendance and academic achievement; [b] documentation of school efforts to improve attendance; [c] copies of truancy citations, including all mailing certificates; and [d] student background as requested by the prosecuting agency.

Many parents object to their children eating sweets or other food that may interfere with family diets or health considerations. Other parents feel too much pressure to provide treats when financial limitations make it difficult to do so. Teachers will recognize these special occasions with their students in other ways that do not include food. The North Star Board of Trustees is a non-profit board of parents that may also include community representatives established to oversee the implementation of the charter as approved by the USOE Board.

The Board may be comprised of parents, guardians, or grandparents of enrolled students as well as members of the community at large. Board members will serve a staggered four 4 year term. At the end of a term, trustees may choose to extend their term upon majority approval of the Board. If a trustee res, is removed from office, or their term expires, the Board will select a qualified successor. Any trustee may be removed by a super-majority vote of the Board at any time if they are unable or unwilling to fulfill their responsibilities on the Board. Our student population is based on parent transportation.

Therefore, the following carpool procedures are important for safe and efficient loading and unloading of students in grades K Parents are responsible for safely transporting students to and from school. Parents are encouraged to carpool when possible to reduce traffic. Drop-off should be no earlier than am. Students will only be allowed in the classrooms after am. Parents are expected to pick up their students by pm.

If a student has an. Parents dropping students off more than ten minutes late will need to accompany their children into the building to them in. Otherwise, the Mature sexy chat at express northstar will be recorded as unexcused. Tardies will only be excused the day of the tardy. Middle school courses may fill up prior to requests being exhausted. Priority is given to requests in the order they are submitted. Once the term has begun, students are encouraged to remain in their class two to three class periods before requesting a class transfer.

As spots become available students may transfer up to two weeks after the start of each semester. North Star Academy will close at the discretion of the principal. Our phone system will call all the NSA families within 20 minutes to give important information. The purpose of this policy is to clarify for parents a process by which concerns can be addressed. The Board also believes that individuals can generally resolve their own disputes through open, respectful communication. If a situation arises that cannot be resolved between the parties involved, then this policy will be used.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that parents understand how to pursue the resolution of grievances, concerns and disputes involving the School. The parent may be asked to send the Principal a written complaint specifying the individual s involved, details of the incident s giving rise to the complaint, including dates and approximate times, details of an attempt to rectify the situation, and the requested solution. The parent is not required to send the Principal a written complaint in this situation.

Complaints shall specify the individual s involved, details of the incident s giving rise to the complaint, including dates and approximate times, details of attempts to resolve the problem, and the requested solution. The Board will then consider the complaint and take whatever action it deems appropriate. Concerns that involve administrative practices or procedures should be addressed with the Principal rather than the Board.

They drive high quality instruction through statewide comprehensive expectations for all students. The standards outline essential knowledge, concepts, and skills to be mastered at each grade level or within a critical content area. The standards provide a foundation for ensuring learning within the classroom. The Core Knowledge Sequence is a solid, specific, shared core curriculum that helps children establish strong foundations of knowledge grade by grade. It is based on research done by a team of parents, teachers, scientists, professional curriculum organizations, and experts from the Core Knowledge Advisory Board.

Core Knowledge provides a blend of arts, history, science, math, language arts and other fundamental basics necessary to be considered culturally literate. Saxon Math is a research-based math program that systematically distributes instruction, practice, and assessment throughout the academic year. Saxon Math's unique approach to math instruction ensures that students not only gain, but also retain essential math skills. In addition to the Saxon Math curriculum teachers supplement with performance task based opportunities in an effort to increase critical thinking and problem solving abilities.

Core Knowledge Language Arts Program is Mature sexy chat at express northstar systemic phonics, spelling, grammar, and writing K-5 grade program that integrated science, history, and various genres or literature into the curriculum. Its rigor compliments the state core curriculum in an engaging and meaningful manner. The purpose of the North Star Academy Discipline Plan is to support the mission and charter of North Star Academy in providing students, staff, and visitors with a safe, challenging, and individualized learning environment.

This program will help students learn social skills, problem solving, and conflict resolution. By giving students clear behavior expectations and appropriate and effective tools they will learn to treat each other with kindness and respect. They will develop the confidence and skills needed to succeed in life when they are confronted with problems and conflict. As such, students and staff are expected to behave in a manner that coincides with the 6 Pillars of Character which are as follows:. Classroom teachers will develop their own management system that fits the needs of their students and their teaching style.

This information will be shared with parents at the beginning of the school year. Parents should be aware of these expectations and expect to become involved when a pattern of inappropriate behavior exists. North Star uses our mascot as an acronym to remind students of acceptable behavior where all students can excel. Teachers will refer students to the administration for a pattern of behavior that is disruptive to the classroom environment. Additionally, serious student misconduct involving violent or criminal behavior such as, but not limited to, the following will be referred to the administrator:.

When an office referral has been made and consequences are initiated, Mature sexy chat at express northstar will be contacted.

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Consequences will be based on the seriousness of the behavior and may include, but not limited to:. Student Conduct and Discipline Administrative Plan.

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North Star Academy has adopted a dress code policy. All students are encouraged to follow the dress code policy as stated or disciplinary action may occur which can affect citizenship grades. Therefore, all students should read through it yearly and review it as the seasons change.

There are no specific retailers that are required. Students may wear any solid tan, navy blue, or black pants, capris, shorts, skorts, or skirts that meet the following requirements:. Girls may wear inconspicuous shorts under skirts. No clothing or layering that shows is permitted. Please note: Leggings are classified as tights and not as pants. Students may not wear:.

Students may wear their hair in any way that is not so extreme in style or color so as to distract from a learning environment. Body piercing jewelry will be limited to earrings. Students may wear jewelry that is appropriate for school and is not a distraction. Any socks may be worn under long pants. If socks or tights are worn with capris, shorts, skorts, or skirts; the socks must be white, black or navy blue.

Students may wear an unadorned solid brown or black belt no sashes to be worn in the pant belt loops. Hats may not be worn in the building. Accessories may not be distracting and must be appropriate to a learning environment. Students may wear any style of coat that is not offensive and is appropriate to a learning environment. Coats may not be worn during class time.

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Students may choose other attire such as backpacks, purses, etc.

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