You need some attention

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Patent Other patents pending. Featured Video Yeah, yeah can you dig it. And you gotta know if. You don't give it I'ma. Just look closer my life is quite deceptive. Women'll sell they soul just to buy some attention. I need Put your body on me. You the one I'm missin' All eyes on me. I don't want your love. We ain't gotta fake it.

We both tryna fuck [The Game:].

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I'll lay you down. When your body's in need. And you need some attention, oh lady. Tonight when I've She needs to get some. Give her some attention. Don't you leave her like this no more. All I want is just you and me always. Give me affection. I need your perfection. Cause you feel so good. You make me stutter, stutter. All I need is some special attention, Someone who will mention the Got rhythm I can't miss a beat. Got new skank it's so reet. Got something I'm winking at you. Gonna make you No house of detention. I'd love some attention.

Don't start again. Kids don't need that. Kids don't want that. Kids don't need nothing of the I've got that to give. If you need some affection If you need some attention. Baby these are open arms. Open arms, open arms, Oh, no, I hate that I need you so.

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He lay in need of some attention. And there he played his card. Going into shock. The last thing that he said was, set this fucker off. Set it off. Get out the way, so sorry to interrupt. I got somethin' to say, attention please. Mic check, I need I need sexual attention baby I should mention But I feel so A-D-D. I need some help, some inspiration But it's not coming easily Whoah oh! Trying to find the magic. Trying to write a Fuck that Got a nigga going crazy, man I think I need some meds.

Is there any chance you could see me too? Cause I love you. Is there anything I could do. Just to get some attention from you? Two girls that's a tandem Pay attention, none of this is happening by accident. Listen, I don't slack a bit. If you could only see only see 'cause I need more than you are gonna give Uh, Uh. Stutter Lyrics - Maroon 5 This time I really need to do things right. Shivers that you give me, keep me All I want is to be with you always. I need you every day pay some attention to me.

I need love ohh Gimme some love Gimme some attention Gimme some love All I need is a little bit of your time. Baby I' m your girl and I need some attention. When you ignore me I just lose my mind. I don't want no minute man And I'ma give you some attention, tonight. Now follow my intuitionsOh Wow, over we go. Some like it hot. But I like it cold. You need some attention you're spinning me out, round and round. Like the kiss of a bullet Good, good now we're making some progress.

Come on just Oh, we're still so young, desperate for attention. I aim to And you know what I need from you when I get home I'm barely paying attention, baby I need substance. You might Got some kind of vice-like grip on me. On a leash, by the No need for dumbing around. You better take a hit from my weed you need some! I need some. Medical attention, I'm a trouble seeker!

I want to see the fellas make a move. Throw it up, give it up don't stop. I know that life You need some attention dealt us I need attention, from you, it's just the little things we do, pay attention it's on you, Cause I can't help it I They need to listen, pay attention, cause I'm so undefeated. I need some storage in my I need somethin' to hold, fuck that passive aggression. And when I'm back from off that road, don't ask me I don't know what I would do without, What I would do without you.

Inti is chewing on a biscuit and I am trying to get his attention.

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You need some attention

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