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The way you talk to customers has a big impact on your brand, and nothing delivers customer satisfaction quite like consistently delightful communication. World-class customer service begins with treating humans like humans. Just as in music, if your tone is off, the whole piece falls flat. One is clearly sliding into bitter-sounding territory, while the other feels friendly but still professional. Conversation reply thread from Help Scout. Positive language keeps the conversation moving forward and prevents accidental conflicts due to miscommunication.

Say one of your products is backordered for a month and you need to relay this information to a customer immediately. Consider the following responses:. I can't get you that product until next month; it's back ordered and unavailable at this time.

You'll have to wait a few weeks, but I'm happy to place the order for you right now!

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It looks like that product will be re-stocked and available next month. I can place the order for you right now and we'll make sure it's sent to you as soon as it reaches our warehouse! Redirecting the conversation from negative to positive places focus on the proposed solution. When the outcome takes center stage, it reduces the odds that customers will be upset. Keep both sentences and paragraphs short. Large blocks of text will get skipped right over.

Use images, videos, and links to knowledge base articles to keep your replies concise. Bonus: When your knowledge base is integrated with your help desk, the process is easy because you can pull in articles without leaving your reply! You might be able to answer a question with a link to an article in your knowledge base, but couching that in a sentence or two is more human. Make responding to them a priority.

Try setting up a folder separate from the main support queue where you can filter less-than-ecstatic messages. Here, the team can see immediately which s are from customers who need help right away.

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Just be sure to get it right — use the name they use! Katie is Katie, not Kate. If a customer is formal, for example, hold back on the LOLs. If your customer comes in cracking jokes, though, mirroring their humor is a surefire way to make their day! Style guides document all the unique elements that make up your brand so everyone on your team can provide a consistent experience across the board. It should provide guidelines but not stifle creativity. Creating a distinct language or using specific phrases reflects and instills the values of the company across every team member, reminding them of what they represent and the standards by which they must abide.

A living database of saved replies that your team can actively build on saves time by streamlining how you answer common questions. Saved replies can be used to reduce the of conversations that are not valuable to your company.

A new customer who needs to know how to reset her password still deserves help, but this is a conversation that warrants a template. Be liberal with adding new saved replies. There is little downside to having a large library of replies other than getting somewhat trigger-happy and ending A little company via chat with replies you rarely use. If you can do something for a customer, by all means, do it. When you really do need a customer to carry out a lengthy set of instructions on their own, use s or bullet points.

Customer response from Help Scout. Remember, customer support is challenging, specialized work — not just anyone can do it. Taylor Morgan of SurveyGizmo on the value of customer support. Avoid ending conversations so bluntly that the customer feels you are hurrying them out the door.

Instead, invite them to continue the conversation. When possible, take a quick screen recording to show customers what to do versus typing it out in steps. This tip comes from Denise Twum, Customer Support at issuu :. Go here, 2.

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3. Click this green button. It saves a lot of back-and-forth and has made all the difference! Use accessible, candid, precise, plain language. For a refresher on clarity, we recommend The Elements of Style or these writing guides. One is a trite platitude that people are sick of hearing. The other explains to customers why the transfer is to their benefit.

Wording makes all the difference. We just received your inquiry. We'll get back to you about your order as soon as possible. For your records your support ticket is Include it in any future correspondence you might send. The customer is literally treated like a.

Thanks for your order with us! A little company via chat is an automatic just to let you know I've received your. I'll get you an answer shortly. Customers want to be treated with respect. The day you stop talking to them like regular people is the day you lose touch and relevance. After that, you start losing customers. When a customer contacts you in another language, use a translation tool such as Google Translateand write for translation by using active voice and simple words.

Skip the idioms. Lean on visuals more heavily than text. Try ending your conversation with a phrase like this:. Before you go, is there anything else I can assist you with today? But with a little preparation, you can approach challenges with tact and grace, allowing you to keep standards high and make better decisions no matter what comes your way. These techniques will help strengthen your personal relationships with customers as well as your reputation as a company who cares.

But it does give them someone to talk to instead of being angry at a faceless company. Focus your reply on action. Overtures, no matter how well intentioned, just delay the message, so keep your communication focused before adding any warm fuzzies. Instead, do the following:. InHelp Scout faced some uncharacteristic downtime. We sent our customers the following :.

Keep up the great work! Great support is defined by genuine compassion. Being speedy is never as important as communicating with accuracy. The important thing is that you communicate. Should you need to as the conversation to another team, they may realize the issue could take a while. Have processes in place for situations like this. Customer: Your update looks terrible. Make it more like it was before! Would you mind telling me a little more about what you liked better about the old version? If they went above and beyond to help you fix something, send a handwritten thank-you noteor perhaps even a gift.

A little company via chat

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