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Nor had they bothered to peek into the bedrooms of the randy rural residents beyond the Queen City. When I have sex, I fantasize about someone other than my partner this often If I knew my partner were fantasizing about someone else while we were having sex, I would feel So, who are you? The majority of our respondents came from roughly the same demographic as they did two years ago: women in their twenties, often leaning politically to the left.

We heard from a lot more bisexuals this year and even reached a sprinkling of Tea Partiers. Just so you know, those folks reportedly never fake orgasms and love a full bush. The biggest surprises? We know the localvore movement is huge in Vermont, but we were amazed to discover that your passion for fresh produce has spread straight to your loins. More than a third of you admit to having sex with a fruit or vegetable. So, which is it? Do you prefer carrots? Daikon Birthday fuck Rutland Vermont And do you eat them afterward? Again and again, this specific desire came up in your stories and responses.

We scratched our he and nudged our trash receptacles farther under our desks. We should note that this is not a super-scientific survey.

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We note when less than half of our respondents answered a question. So, fasten on those nipple clamps or settle in with your honey, and enjoy. We get it; it was awkward. You came before you could get your clothes off. Sure, it was enlightening, but it was also painful.

Many of you say the ordeal was embarrassing and most of you misspelled the word. Some of you get graphic: sticky, bloody, drafty, gory, clinical, rigid and unlubricated. You had blackouts and brownouts. A few go so far as to call their first lays prophetic, healing or patriotic. Other experiences were imprudent, sneaky or illegal. Fucked at last! Lord almighty, fucked at last!

If you were hoping to break free of gender stereotypes with this one, tough luck. For the record, the trans crew Birthday fuck Rutland Vermont voted overwhelmingly for the rear 36 percent. Neither do we. But there are certain parts of a body Birthday fuck Rutland Vermont any gender — the intensity of eyes, the roughness of hands, the buoyancy of the perfect rump — that can upstage even the kindest heart. We omitted some key body bits in the original list.

Luckily, we have you to fill in the gaps: You laud the shoulders, back, hips, forearms, teeth, abs, hair, neck, jawline and, of course, face. One thirtysomething, hetero woman writes out her entire list of conquests along the top of her paper survey ballot. The list, 23 flings scratched in pencil, is riddled with question marks and missing last initials: Matthew.

No, Bob. That guy in the train station bathroom in France …. So, who are these people with more than 50 notches on their belts? About two-thirds of them are men, mostly in their thirties and forties. About half are straight — one claims, paradoxically, to be asexual. This is a busy bunch. What about those people who have had only one partner? None of them is gay; 11 percent are bisexual. Finally, notice the spike between the and the plus groups. Are people exaggerating? Or did they just lose count? When a twentysomething bisexual pizza chef was about 7, her mom took her to the doctor to ask if there was something wrong with her — she was masturbating too much.

Men are the most likely to have had anonymous sex — 30 percent of them did so in the last year, compared with 13 percent of women. No names, lots of tequila.

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Trying to find the nearest private place possible. But they still have plenty of time to figure it out. Just ask Taylor Momsen. Interestingly, most of them are masturbating — in cars and in front of their partners. You want to know who the biggest fakers are?

Those on the political right are less likely to fake it — or, at least, to own up to it. Fifty-four percent of Democrats say they never fake, compared with 68 percent of Republicans and More than half of our female respondents admit they sometimes come for show, and a good 20 percent of men say the same. Still, Birthday fuck Rutland Vermont quick look at the age distribution shows that faking it becomes less common as you get older. Clearly, this is a generational issue. Full bushes are steadily less attractive as the respondents get younger. The exception are the Tea Partiers, who are much more likely to enjoy losing themselves in a mossy crotch.

Forgive us? Woof woof. A happily married farmer in his twenties takes his lady from behind in front of a mirror. A single, twentysomething gay guy types the word and follows it with a frowny emoticon. Look it up. For many of you, eye contact matters most.

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He should try telling that to Birthday fuck Rutland Vermont rest of you. Many of you name 69 as your most ambitious position some of those were standing versions with one partner doing a hetand. A fortysomething, gay man did it on a staircase. You mention the wheelbarrow, and a few tried it on a swing. A het carpenter in his forties says his partner rode him while he drove 65 miles an hour on I in a snowstorm.

But, although you boast of romps on a diving board and atop a city bus, your ambitious pursuits often humble you by causing cramps, bruises and black eyes. A het chef in her twenties tried anal while balanced on a sink — until it broke right off the wall. Looks like plenty of you through the age of 60 have discovered the unique thrill of snapping a quick nudie shot or shooting a naughty text to the object of your desire.

Looks like Progressives are more likely to have a daily appetite for porn. The genders break down as one would expect: Most men consume it once a week, most women once in a great while. Oh, you know, single dudes in their thirties.

Instant gratification. Most of you porn lovers agree that its single best feature is the ease with which you can access it. Does anyone still pay for it? We should have asked. You love the swiftness with which porn makes you wet and hard. The voyeurism is also a big selling point. After all, you note, the industry Birthday fuck Rutland Vermont to be exploitive and degrading to women. Plus, the scenes — even in amateur porn — often seem staged and fake. You bitch about the cheesy music, the bad storylines and acting, even the poor production quality. Also, as many of you point out, porn is addictive.

And that anonymity and voyeurism you love? They have a downside in the form of loneliness. A Progressive, het teen says all she needs is her electric toothbrush. Still, plenty of you love your toys, with or without a partner.

A fortysomething guy says he used not one but three dildos on his wife simultaneously — happily married, indeed. More than 65 percent say they leap at every opportunity to go down on their partner; 51 percent of women say the same. Mostly het women in their twenties, independents and Tea Partiers. Women more often find it gross and painful, especially those in their twenties.

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Mostly married men in their twenties. Republicans are a definitive bunch. If I knew my partner were fantasizing about someone else while we were having sex, I would feel:. Nearly 60 percent of those who answer this question respond negatively — though not all with as much violence. You write that the discovery would make you feel insecure, inadequate, used, jealous, insulted, sad or betrayed.

Many say it would be a deal breaker. Perhaps acceptance comes with age and experience? And then there are the 12 percent who say they would see opportunity in the revelation. Tea Partiers are less likely to agree with this statement — only Men agree quite a bit more than women — 62 and 47 percent, Birthday fuck Rutland Vermont.

Men and women, whatever their age, are equally apt to hold monogamy as the gold standard, but hets are a lot more likely to exalt monogamy than are the gay and lesbian crowd — 82 percent of hets agree with the statement, compared with Bisexuals, however, are the only group where the majority — 51 percent — does not believe monogamy is the best bet.

Several people in open relationships point out that this question does not apply to them. True, but we asked it anyway. Hets are slightly more likely to pretend it never happened than are all the other orientation groups. Women and F-M folks are more likely to tell right away than their male and M-F counterparts. But, in addition to old standbys such as Dr. Ruth and Dan Savage, you laud some fantastic online sources for sound sex advice: Tits and Answers titsandanswers.

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Kat drkat. But be careful out there on the Internet, warns a het student in his twenties. What was he Googling? So many of your sexiest moments over the last year involved public sex. A hetero tax adjuster in her thirties recalls doing it outdoors at an old folks community in Florida.

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And, to be fair, the respondents who choose it often make other dubious selections: a year-old Tea Partier pimp who claims to have had sex with more than 50 people and to be a virgin? Nice try. Everyone seems to be having revelations of the anal kind these days. Your responses to this question are almost embarrassingly anally fixated.

Some of you try to be clinical about it e.

Birthday fuck Rutland Vermont

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